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    Engineering: Can some post this for me....

    Hello everyone, i am a player on a european server and due to that i am not able to add something to the epic engineering complains thread in the american forums:
    I would be very happy if someone would post this for me (i want to be part in this thread), thx a lot.
    Now the actual post:

    Hello everyone, some words on my point of view.
    I joined wow after BC has been out for a while and am a rather casual player. I decided to make one off my alts an engineer, at a time where engineers could produce amazingly good looking and very usefull googles and where the mote extractor actually made good money. I never whitnesed the old, maybe golden times of engineering in vanila wow, where it seem to have been pure fun, but still i find it in a bad shape even compared to late BC now. Which saddens me as i find it a creative addition to the game. If my engineer was my main i would have changed profession already, but for an alt i am to lazy to go through the work(yes lazy casuals ftw).

    I never bothered to picked gnome/goblin specialisation, as i am afraid one day it will turn out to be the wrong one. Engineers need to be able to change specilisation as easy as other professions(pay some money).

    I never maxed engineering in wotlk, as the guns aren't worth the efford(why everyone else has its recipes boe recipes at 440? why is it so hard and useless to max engineering?), farming uthgard for an epic ranged weapon is so much easier.

    As discussed already, the perks off engineering don't appeal to all classes and don't benefit all classes equally. If engineering is about "handthinggies" then add one that is helpfull for i.e. hunters(a lot of engineers seem to be hunters), which haste is not, in general haste seems unpopular, no one seems to value it too much(hoy paladins, moonkins, frost mages do, but not every class benefits from it equally). How about an attack power boost(i.e. hormone injector - attaches a hormone injector to your gauntlets, once activated the user will be in a state of rage for x seconds granting x attackpower , occasionally the hormones affect the user in an unexpeccted way).

    All the other tinkers are still a dps loss for a occasionally helpfull "perk". Which results in having them on some secondary equipment at best. Make them as good as comparable enchants and well let the occasional perk actually be a perk. Or put the tinkers on the belt, as its free of regualar enchants, let us be the belt guys Or make our tinkers temporary if that allows them to stack(applied for xxx hours).

    As for the problem with pvp vs. pve i see a chance to make more use of specialisation. Make goblin the pvp thing and add some pvp handy stuff there and make gnome the pve thing and put the too strong stuff for pvp there, while attaching a not useable in arenas to it.(needs specialisation switching fixed if you do so)

    One thing that saddens or maybe enrages a lot of people is that this crazy technology place ulduar has nothing! for engineers in it, and i think that is indeed shocking and raises the feeling of little to no love for the profession. The other thing i understand is that it might take too long to fix something big in before 3.1 launches. Which bugs me. So i came up with a possible solution:
    Put an amount of engineering recipes in there, that arent usable right now and call them encrypted engineering shematic. We will have our engi drops in ulduar and it gives time to the devs to flash them out in one of the smaller patches in between. Actually you could make it fun, lets imagine:
    Encrypted schematics start dropping in ulduar, noone knows as yet what to do with them. In 3.1.1 add some dailies where you have to gather parts(there is enough engineering/technology places in wow/wotlk, where you can kill stuff or salvage parts for 4-5 dailies, 1 doable each day)for the construction of a big decryption machine(decryptomat 2000). The reward for the dailies is a dalaran cooking award, ähmmm no, decryptomat 2000 timecard and a sack full of engineering crap(some gold, mostly greys, maybe a helpfull think/engi part or an old recipe at times)
    Another patch later(3.1.2) the decryptomat 2000 is ready to decrypt and you can actually be used to decrypt all or maybe some of the recipes(depends on implemetation state of the recipes, some might need further collection of parts to make the decryptomat powerfull enough), by using a certain amount of your gathered timecards. While there is still need to have replacement parts or expansion parts for the cryptomat, so dailies can obviously go on.(a computer can never have enough power ) A nice addition would be if you could use the timecards for something else as well, so if you have spare ones you can exchange them, hmmm...maybe for some parts of the motorcycle(kidding), maybe an engineering replacement for runed orbs, that seem to be part of the recipes from ulduar, or just silly parts, pets, etc. I would love this implemented as in my opinion it will not take much time to implement for 3.1.(make 20 or so copy and paste blank recipes and add them to the loot table) and fix the, in my opinion epic, fail to not put anything for engies in to 3.1. Furtheron the mechanism is flexible and can be used for further content coming up as well as to bring in recipes from regular worlddrops/salvaging machines or drops in i.e. Ulduar dungeons(HoL/HoS) that already kind of have the right setting for engi stuff.

    Aside from that there have been tons of good ideas in this and other threads as to what to actually put on this recipes....so i won't go in to that.

    One last thing: even if the devs think enginieering is fine...players obviously don't and it's not a few but many. Have a look into it dear blues.

    And finally: Excuse for the bad spelling, grammar etc. don't forget i am a german :P Don't turn this post in a spelling flame fest
    Thanks to all engies for keeping this thread going...

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    Re: Engineering: Can some post this for me....

    This idea is almost as good as an orgasm. Love it.

    Alas I can also only post to the official EU forums.

    I would love to get some of the old world recipies as random drops in the bag you would get from the daily. I was gnome engineer in vanilla wow, switched to tailoring in BC and now am a goblin engineer in wotlk. That means I lost all my precious recipies and I cannot get the ones goblins would get because I don't have the membership card for either one.
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    Re: Engineering: Can some post this for me....

    I want to give credit where credit is due if im gonna post this, if its a copy paste link source.

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    Re: Engineering: Can some post this for me....

    oh i am not looking for credit would just like to add to the discussion
    i would be happy if it finds it's way there either as link or post, i find a post more helpfull though, as i don't know if anyone likes following links...people are sometimes lazy
    If you wan't to give some credit just post a link to the original source with the post. That would be more than fine with me...

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    Re: Engineering: Can some post this for me....

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    Re: Engineering: Can some post this for me....

    thanks a lot

    a slightly less sad engineer

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