So ya just notced the hotfix for the leggings. Decided to make a pair and disenchat it to see what they now turn into.... seriously a small dream shard wtf! Being able to DE those pants was like the only money i was able to make off of my BS profession considering anybody who wants a belt or epic weapon made just has a guild BS so them. I am really amused that Blizz is saying being able to make the leggings and disenchant em for a dream shard was ruining the economy. Cause apparently i can make an endless supply of em and sell them without driving down the price on dream shards to the point where it was no longer profit to make em...... I mean what was wrong with being able to make a little money that way? considering JC's can have there low lvl northrend rings/necklaces DE'd for a similar percentage of profit i dont see why this was changed.