Thread: Were to skinn?

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    Were to skinn?

    Hello. Would like to hear were u farm the most guild by farming skinning

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    Re: Were to skinn?

    Azjol-Nerub and Old Kingdom yield colossal amounts of borean leather and nerubian chitin, which both sell handsomely.

    A far better gold farming profession is herbalism or mining, however.

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    Re: Were to skinn?

    I get the feeling this is a poor attempt at trolling.

    Where's the best place to skin to make gold? By not skinning. Skinning revenue sucks, to be honest. You'll be much better off leveling something like mining.

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    Re: Were to skinn?

    thread should be renamed to "where to english?"

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    Re: Were to skinn?

    even if you know a lvl 80 skinnable dead beasts respawn it will sucks compared to herb/Mining (and all other profs?)
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    Re: Were to skinn?

    He didn't ask what profession yields the most gold, he ask where to make the most gold with skinning.

    I use the wolves in the cave north east of the engine of the makers in storm peaks. Pretty decent respawns.

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    Re: Were to skinn?

    that valley next to the sons of hidor

    lots of mammoths there and worms
    and alot of times dead one that someone looted and left there
    so lots of time moving corpse to corpse
    at least thats where i found a place to get ez leather without much work
    *on high pop servers its like that at least*
    no im not always gonna put in a lot of thought when i post
    and not all my posts are serious/true

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    Re: Were to skinn?

    Don't listen to everyone telling you skinning is a worthless profession, they are wrong.

    Skinning can be highly profitable, as long as you know where and what to farm, which your minimap will not show you unlike those other gathering professions. :P

    If you can AoE (which is pretty much everyone these days) I have found that the best place to farm is the massive amounts of rhinos in Borean Tundra, just north of Warsong Hold.

    While they only drop a Borean Leather Scrap, because you are able to kill so many at once you are likely to find a good number of Arctic Furs per hour compared with other farming systems, since the droprate for Arctic Fur does not change with mob level.

    Not only, then, will you be able to make a killing selling the Arctic Fur, Rhino Meat usually sells pretty well, too, and you can make a stack or two of Heavy Borean Leather fairly quickly, which will ALSO sell for a good amount, and the various grays, greens, and whatnot sell to vender really well.

    So give it a try, I made a LOT of gold farming that area.

    Don't listen to the naysayers, skinning rocks.


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