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    Addons used:
    Satrina's Buff Frames
    Titan Panel
    button facade
    CT Core
    Baud Bag
    Atlas Loot
    and a few MISC addons for other stuff...

    Resolution is 1920x1080 Widescreen
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    Buffs and debuffs are often called "auras" - this is how WoW refers to them in the coding, and it's how many addons refer to them as well.
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    Wow, I just use the standard UI and my only add on is Gatherer.

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    Not the most helpful description them being called auras, due largely due to paladins having their own "aura" mechanism, but that is correct yes, and once you get into unit frames, or the buff/debuff displays which start to offer advanced options then you will tend to see them described as such.

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    My current UI setup its the same for Shadow as it is Holy

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    img200 .imageshack. us/img200/21/wowscrnshot061710012610.jpg
    herpty derpty

    had to make spaces, since mmo-champion hates me (((

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    non-combat, "PvE" mode:

    combat, "PvP" mode:

    Having a 1280x1024 resolution makes it difficult for a clean, uncluttered UI. I've gradually been improving over time.

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    remixUI - 1.0



    5man Group

    25man Raid

    Timers, PowerAuras, Buffs & Debuffs

    Player Castbar (black) & Enemy Castbar (orange)

    Info and download can be found here.

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    Made by me, I tend to be one of the people who see someones UI and say, "I need that addon". so it may be a bit crowded for some. Buttons are in the middle because I click on my dk, yeah yeah keybinds are faster, blah blah. I do just fine like this and I have a really bad habit of being stubborn.

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    Work has slowed down enough that I can wear my mod pants more. I'm not going to go back through and delete posts, but the move to VBB makes it a lot easier to hand out temp bans for rule violations. Keep this thread clean of commentary please. There's a whole thread JUST for that, and you can even link the pictures from this thread to it. I promise, someone will answer your question there.

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    Working on a new UI, chaning quite a lot of things, but it isn't done yet so heres a preview of some sort.

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    BodaUI on a DK tank.
    My armory
    DK tanking stuffs since WoTLK beta's first day of release.

    Actually I have a real life, I'm just on my friends computer while we have a drink around his house before we go BMX'ing down the castle near by his house and found all the geeks spouting rubbish.
    Most fail troll thread ever. Featuring Boub as last post!

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    This is the most recent screenshot i have of my current UI (tho im now horde and made a few tweeks its almost the same)

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    I plan a complete renew of my ui once the 3.3.5 Patch hits the european servers.


    So uhm... ^^ i toke out kgpanels from ilive's ui and configured the rest for my needs. Still needs tweaking, i need to look for the castbar and prolly for the buffs on the target too. But i did raid with that ui today and it was ok

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    Ok, mine is pretty much done, quite a bit different to my previous UI, in my opinion a bit cleaner. Any thoughts?

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