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    Quote Originally Posted by CaithUI View Post
    Loving each and every update Caith! Hopefully you have the time to enjoy TBCC aswell!
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    I am still experimenting with a couple of UI structure layouts. I do like the connectivity from chat, map and actionbar to the edges. i kinda working on that a litte bit more.

    as always, here is a screen and a vid for showcase

    Vid: **

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    Quote Originally Posted by NERDZILLA View Post
    Love the bar texture, which one is it? Looks like tap3 but brighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikkis2k View Post
    So im working on this ui, it's inspired by BDO ui and kinda a copy but with a few tweaks.
    Plz ignore the buffs etc for now as thats not done yet, but the ui itself is taking for and needs alittle tweaking.

    No combat with party

    Combat with party + elite target
    Wow! really nice job. Looks very clean and crisp. Is that UI something you plan to share? Would defo love to give that one a try! Thanks.

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