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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Finally got a chance to add descriptions onto my UI image. Again, I am a minimalist and want to display everything I need in the center of the screen.

    OmeUIv2.0 vs Auriya
    [img width=400][/img]

    OmeUIv2.0 vs Auriya with comments
    [img width=400][/img]

    I'm considering removing "heals/procs in" since I don't really care about that. From there, I can move my debuffs down a bit so they're more on top of me and easier to see. I'm also considering removing MSBT's "ability ready popup" and rely solely on Cooldownwatch and MSBT's audio queues for when abilities are ready to use. This will free up quite a bit of clutter on my screen. I've also been contemplating turning on "show incoming heals" on Grid but as you can see it's already quite overwhelming. I've also been wanting to add RJ timers to grid (instead of a square indicator) but again I'm not entirely sure I'd like the information overload.

    Visible Addons:
    ButtonFacade (button skinner, works with SatrinaBuffFrame)
    ButtonFacade_Caith (glossy button skin)
    Chinchilla (minimap)
    Grid (indicatorcornerplus, statushots [edited to only displays my hots], lifebloom, missingbuffs)
    kgPanels (gradient on bottom of screen)
    PitBull (unit frames)
    Quartz (cast bars)
    SatrinaBuffFrame (buff/debuff display)

    Invisible Addons:
    Bartender4 (action bars)
    Bindpad (action barless key bindings)

    1. How do you hide your chat frame? I create a new tab (I named it Raid) with every chat option disabled (no say, no tells, zilch) and with the background set to 0% alpha. Unfortunately, I don't believe a mod exists that automatically hides your chat box when you enter combat.
    2. How do I change my fonts? I never actually figured out how to use ClearFont2 so I did the following:
    • 1. Make a folder called Fonts in your wow director. exp C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Fonts\
    • 2. Find the TRUETYPE fonts you like (any other type must be converted) and rename them to match the following:
    • FRIZQT__.ttf (general everything font: chat, mods, NPCs names, buffs, etc)
      ARIALN.ttf (the normal number font)
      skurri.ttf (the 'huge' number font)
      MORPHEUS.ttf (Mail, Quest Log)
    • 3. Place those fonts into the Fonts folder and load Wow to make sure they work.
    • 4. All of your mods will use FRIZQT__.ttf by default unless you specified otherwise. Mods that allow you to choose fonts (Prat, MSBT) will also have those 4 fonts as options.

    3. What fonts do you use? My fonts are BankGothic Md BT Medium (FRIZQT__.ttf, ARIALN.ttf, skurri.ttf) for everything in general and Halo3 (MORPHEUS.ttf) for quest/mail.

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    What Addon do you use for your buffs?

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Read his post.. I hope you are not blind.
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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    [img width=400][/img]
    Satrina Buff Frames
    Ag_unit frames
    Totem timers

    Thats about it. The open space in the lower right corner is for the tooltip (cowtip) which I was not mousing over anything at the moment.

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    (No thumbnail)

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Tóny
    May i ask what minimap addon you are using for that blue thing around the minimap?
    thats Sexymap
    Thanks Caiti for the Signature and Avatar

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Kepi
    thats Sexymap
    Thank you

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Ome can you post/upload your grid.lua file ?

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by conte
    Ome can you post/upload your grid.lua file ?
    It's not that hard to make it if you look at the image with comments.
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    Re: Post Your UI

    heres my current UI, its always changing so i guess its a WIP



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    Re: Post Your UI

    New UI from Adnan & Me. <3







    Raid (Dps)


    Raid (Healer)


    Thanks to Adnan for the idea and design.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    That's mine. It's a modified version of a UI a guildy of mine does ( MalevUI, formerly KithicorUI ) You can find his download on WoWinterface ( has an addon list there ) I'll get an in raid and in combat Screen tonight to show my Disease timer and stuffz

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by miLl3niUm
    It's not that hard to make it if you look at the image with comments.
    I'm so lazy ..
    I try a lot of time with a lot of guides to setup grid with all for druid hots, horizontal health bar, colors etc but I poorly failed ...

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    Re: Post Your UI

    What font is that Calilia?

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Simple tanking UI that isn't so minimalistic that it lacks necessary functions, but not too cluttered that you can't see a thing during raids. Action bars are, for the most part, hidden away as I have pretty much everything keybound, however there is plenty of space for action bars instead of having 2 active visible chat windows.

    Out of combat - bare bones.

    In a raid (doesn't show cast bars, but they're between the player frame and target frame with same style as other visible bars.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    New version of my UI. The color theme still sticks with the old UI, but after training myself to play barless i decided to try and max screen space as much as possible.

    A note about the castbar texture and font, i noticed this after the screenshot, they now match the UI correctly.

    Also, the space between scorchio and my target bar is where the ToT and target cast bar appear. They aren't visible because well, its a target dummy.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    WIP - Very Random Experimental UI

    [img width=400][/img]

    The 4 buttons at the bottom right side are only there because I use the same UI for my Shaman and that is where the TotemTimers go. Thinking about removing it completely for the DK, though.

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