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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    This is a work in progress. One thing several people have suggested is moving the player frame down to the middle... after 60 days played I don't think I can get used to that, heh. Especially since I'm used to seeing target's target, and it looks totally imbalanced if I move it there.

    Grid - top right number counts lifebloom stacks, bottom right number is lifebloom duration, bottom left number is total number of hots.
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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Edit: wrong section

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Inspired by one of Bidelle's.
    Focus cast bar is opposite target, Pet frame is opposite Focus Frame, Aura's filtered to bottom right going left and timed buffs bottom left going right. Omen is right above recount but I forgot to put it in test mode before taking Screenshots


    Casting with tooltip shown:

    Focus and Debuffs shown:
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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    1680x1050 3.1 Holy pally Ui featuring Pitbull 4.0 - Bartender 4 - Eepanels 2 - Quartz and more.
    Large space under the cast bar is for Grid.

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    Post Your UI

    Since the old thread somehow disappeared..

    1. Don't quote images. Replace the image with "<snip>" (or similar). If possible, try leaving the [url=][/url] tags intact - that way people can still click the text to go to the image.
    2. Most of us would prefer: Idle, in Raid and in combat.
    3. Posts that are essentially just saying "Nice UI" will be deleted.
    4. Posts that are essentially just asking for uploads will be deleted. If you would like an author to upload, send them a PM - they will see the request faster, and we'll have less clutter in the thread. If your UI has already been uploaded somewhere (and you intend to publicize it), please link it in your post!
    5. Do NOT link to yet another thumbnail of your image. Only link to the full size image. Links like are unacceptable.
    6. Do not discuss for pages upon pages. A few posts regarding an image are fine, as long as it doesn't clutter the thread too much.

    Websites to host images:
    Photobucket: Guide
    Imageshack: Guide
    Hostingpics: Guide
    ImgUR: Guide
    UploadFFS: Guide
    Tinypic: Guide
    WoWInterface: Guide
    Abload: Guide Guide

    Websites to host files/UI compilation:

    Please follow the stickied image linking guidelines when linking pictures. Do not link to yet another infopage.
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    Re: Post Your UI

    First, my UI is HEAVILY based off the Aureact comp that can be found at wowinterface (although I changed some of the kgpanels and setup one for my TotemTimers mod).

    I usually raid as elemental, but sometimes I have to swap to resto for the days that healers are lazy and don't log. The only change between the two (besides a few keybinds) is losing the Event Horizon mod (the big one in the center that tracks Flameshock, Lavaburst, Lightning Bolts, and Chain Lightning).

    I personally like having vital information closer to my character (particularly the tracking for elemental dps and my Target's castbar). Information that I like to reference, but don't find very important I have shuffled off to the sides (e.g. threat isn't usually an issue so Omen isn't very prominant).

    Don't know why Omen wasn't showing in this first SS, but it shows where the target's cast bar is.

    This one shows Omen active.

    edit: Because "First" is not spelled "Fi8rst" and Aureact deserves to have the name spelled properly.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    This is a current WIP.



    CC greatly appreciated.
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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Took a while to get this how I like it but I am pretty happy with it for the moment.

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    Resto Druid. Roth UI w/Grid unit frames and a Hot Monitor.

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    Re: Post Your UI

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Trying to go with a very clean yet nice looking UI.
    I'm thinking of changing my unit frame and I'm open to suggestions.

    Idle with casting:

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Aureact based too
    I Redid the bars and added more buttons to my liking. Its not totally lined up yet, or done, still want to do more to it.
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    Re: Post Your UI

    @ Coous
    You've got a good start there but my eyes may be deceiving me but your action bars and casting bar looks a little off-center. - This mod will help you line up your UI.
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    Re: Post Your UI


    Death Knight


    Subject to change tomorrow (3.1)

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    Re: Post Your UI

    UI I made for my Warlock. Since he is Demo/Destro I wanted a sort of Fire theme hence all the red and orange. Most of my spells are done as macros so I could get a "firey" icon for them :P

    The spells are:
    Top bar:Fel Armor, Soul Link, trinket 1, trinket 2, Soul Shatter, Deathcoil, Life Tap
    Second bar: Corruption, Curse of Agony, Immolate, Incinerate, Conflag, Shadowflame, Rain of Fire

    TO DO:
    Change/make macros for trinkets so they fit the rest
    Look into getting a seperate cast bar addon (find the pitbull one too small/hard to see)
    Change colours on recount/omen bars
    Get the minimap and buffs/debuffs to fit more with the rest

    Pet, Target, ToT (middle frame), focus (right side on Target), Casting


    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    Re: Post Your UI

    First page!

    Combat/Party -

    Targetting myself -

    Download -

    edit: Meh, they file size of the pictures were to big, if you can't see the UI completely, check the download link pictures. <:

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    Re: Post Your UI

    High Def Video (New VoA raid boss) - addons in action:


    10 man raid

    25 man raid

    Addon list:

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    Re: Post Your UI

    This is my UI and it has been one for over 2 years now. I love it ;D
    Although I'm really having fun messing with addons so I download different UI's once in a while and try them out.
    If there's any interest in mine I'll upload it.

    ---Raiding - Casting ---

    ---Raiding - Not casting ---

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Although someone already posted a modified version of it, I thought I'd show off the original AuR_UI:
    Straight copy-pasta from the dedicated forum thread:


    A clean User Interface compilation
    for World of Warcraft, made by
    Aureact of <Amity> at Frostwhisper EU.

    Works for both healing and DPS, but does not support
    raid groups that consist of more than 30 players completely.

    AuR_UI is built for the screen resolution 1280x1024 and is
    compatible with the expansion Wrath of the Lich King.




    Wide screen, v. 1.2

    # Download link #
    There's an optional download available for wide screen users as well.

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