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    Quote Originally Posted by Wurd
    What mod are you using in the bottom right corner of this screenshot?
    eaves drop

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    I wanted to try something, so I look around and I really liked Ishtara and Caith's new work, so I decided to try something with both but it ended just look like Ishtara's, the conecpt is his but with a bit of my touch on the antics.

    Btw orcan are you back to windowed? :P I noticed your buttons ^_^ [the wide thing]

    And Nez, are you tryin AZCastBar? It's nice eh?

    Btw I do feel like that rule about direct linking is an overkill, ofc I didn't hav any issues with it but it does mean less uis to see around here, as if the mood here wasn't dead tho :O

    Hope you like it. PS Isht, hope this doesn't make ur skin crawl or anything :P I dnt like it if some1 makes a bad copy of something so :P Im a bit unhappy with the ufs, something's wrong. The ToT/Pet might be too big, and the placement. The MM meet need to be downsized cuz it interferes with the area of errors ;P This did take time to do cuz the panels weren't easily placed.

    .:: Adnan ::.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Is my UI currently.
    I'm working on finding a few ways to clean it up and make it seem less... cluttered.
    Especially with Healbot going on.

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

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    Re: Post Your UI

    An interface that I did a month ago with a mixture of me, Caith and Ishhtara ideas.

    Click on the image for more infos and download link.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    [img width=600][/img]

    Bartender 4
    Prat 3
    Event Horizon

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    Re: [Healers] Post your UI Part 2

    My UI. Shakta restoration shaman from Hellfire-EU:


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    Re: Post Your UI

    New WIP >.>


    Party/BigWigs Mockup <-- This one is the oldest of the pictures, by the way.

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    new UI

    got my target up there, focus and target of target bars. (ToT is the gray focus is the small pink)

    warped version of Ish's UI to fit my own needs.

    Also have quartz for cast bars.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    something i worked out by my self when i got bored of spartan UI =)

    Me and target, targets target at lower right hand corner, map inmidle, got my totems and some buffs bided to f1-f12, etc.

    Edit: Going to create some nicer textures when i have some time.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Well, that's mine prePatch 3.1. Looks almost all the same now though, only exception is the minimap... sadly i haven't found a working one with the exact same look yet :/
    Also sFilter seems to be broken. It cannot be seen in this screen, but for my main character (rogue, CP are displayed to the right of the player bar as a quite large number) I used it as selfbuff display. Guess I'll have to slap shantalya a bit, so he'll update his addons for me (>^ ^)>

    Addons include
    - oUF
    - oUF Lyn (modified by me)
    - Dominos
    - ButtonFacade
    - ButtonFacade_Caith
    - sThreatmeter
    - sTooltip
    - sMinimap (not available for public)
    - sStats (not available for public)
    - LynLocation
    - nClock
    - SBF 3
    - evl_nameplates (only basic code, the look was modified by me)
    - sCore (for implementing those fancy graphics with something like no mem-usage <3)
    - QuestHelper

    If anyone starts mocking about the oh-so-girlish graphics I guarantee I'll hit him hard! They're just a cosmetic part and could be removed completely. Plus that I actually AM a girl *_*

    The fonts used are Expressway Free and AvantGarde LT Medium.

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Try again. Don't quote images!

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Heres an updated one in a 10 man with REALLY BIG Guardians of Icecrown
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    Re: Post Your UI

    Hello again.
    For some reason I think I accidentally deleted my last post when I tried to upload another image. Anyway, I changed a few things and went abit more into detail to get everything pixel perfect (almost).

    [img width=400][/img]

    Target + Cast
    [img width=400][/img]

    [img width=400][/img]

    [img width=400][/img]



    I would love some comments and suggestions, criticism is also welcome.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

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    Re: Post Your UI

    Quote Originally Posted by Genetz
    Wow, this looks amazing, i think a lot of players would love to use this UI, could you please provide a download link pretty please
    Thanks! My UI can now be found on WoW Interface:

    keep in mind it's currently only setup to work at 1680x1050 resolution.

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