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    Today's Build and Question...

    When the servers comes up I know what i want to do... at least i think i do

    alas affliction... i knew thee well... but after 4 years it's time to try something new.

    Please point out the mistakes in this build:

    Also, secondary question: Would Conflag be better then the FG? not looking necessarily for Top DPS overall, just something I can use in the BG's as well . (Yes, eventually i will be DS'ng , but first i need to pay for my DK and Druid's DS hehe.)

    Pax Aeterna - Area 52

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    Re: Today's Build and Question...


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    Re: Today's Build and Question...

    Thank ya

    For rotation the sticky is still good? (Corr - CoA - Immo - Conf - Inc/Conf on CD)

    Glyphs = Life Tap, Immolate, Conflag?

    (This will be a huge change for me overall, since i have always been Affliction, with a short foray into SL/FG that lasted all of 2 hours)

    Pax Aeterna - Area 52

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    Re: Today's Build and Question...

    yes, for glyphs and rotations check the sticky.

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