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    3.1 Demonology rotation

    So I'm thinking of going back to demonology in 3.1. It's been a while since i was last demo (beginning TBC) and i completly forgot the rotation. Not to mention I never played with Demon Form. I'm thinking of going this spec for PvE/farming old skool raids solo/possible 3v3.


    I know 3 points in Demonic resilience isn't really worth it but 15% less damage on pet is nice for soloing vanilla raids (MC/ZG/Ony). But thats only theory, does it really make a difference? Cuz im willing to take them points out of it and go for this spec instead.


    Any Suggestions for improving this build? with as priority PvE>solo MC/ZG/ony>possible 3v3.

    Also I would like to know the best rotation.

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    Re: 3.1 Demonology rotation

    for strict pve dps output im trying this spec


    as demo ur pet is like 25% ur dmg so take the talents to buff him.

    with this spec u gotta be hit caped on ur gear.

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    Re: 3.1 Demonology rotation

    as for rotation.. im prety clueless too.. befor 3.1 i did corr,coa,immo sb spam (order due to my trinkets) i think now.. were just adding a soul fire in there as an execute.

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