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    3.1.0 Warlock Demo/Destro PvE Spec

    Just my 2 cents on the build which im beginning to like. I find that the rotation im currently sustaining around about 3.5k dps on the dummies and just wanting to get other peoples opinions on the viability of this spec for PvE.


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    Re: 3.1.0 Warlock Demo/Destro PvE Spec

    what is your current rotation?

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    Re: 3.1.0 Warlock Demo/Destro PvE Spec

    ah. i see youre using conflagrate. how has the hotfix( has it gone through yet) changed your output?
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    Re: 3.1.0 Warlock Demo/Destro PvE Spec

    It used to be the best dps spec for 3.1 but after the conflag nerf it's Felguard/Emberstorm now according to EJ.
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    Re: 3.1.0 Warlock Demo/Destro PvE Spec

    when did the nerf take place?

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