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    Razorscale - Tyranny - Lothar

    Tyranny of Lothar (Horde) killed Razorscale in Ulduar25 at 10:13 PM EST on 4/14. Might be US first.

    Guild: http://www.anarchy-guild.org

    Screenshot: http://www.alien-legion.com/strife/w...409_221334.jpg

    Timestamped pic (player is from Argentina, and 1 hour ahead): http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/1...1409231237.jpg

    Player: Cartoonhero

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    Re: Razorscale - Tyranny - Lothar

    Addes a timestamped pic as proof.

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    Re: Razorscale - Tyranny - Lothar

    Still links to Clearly-Outplayed. Much appreciated

    our url: http://www.anarchy-guild.org
    (we used to be called anarchy in early TBC)

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