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    Priest Fun nerf :(

    They removed Gamon's Knockback ability. What else are we to do while idling in Org now?

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    Re: Priest Fun nerf :(

    spam cast divine spirit

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    Re: Priest Fun nerf :(

    drop choochoo's (trains, hehe) and other painfull items on the AH to piss off people

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    Re: Priest Fun nerf :(

    Trains got nerfed too

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    Re: Priest Fun nerf :(

    WoW is seri0us business !

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    Re: Priest Fun nerf :(

    Sorry for any bad spelling on my iPod . Anyways I'm just gonna roll disc and spam penance myself. If all else fails just go shadow pvp and LOL at people who try and kill you.
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    Re: Priest Fun nerf :(

    I'm more worried about that people blocking the mailbox now will be unstoppable. I have spoken to GMs about a person on my server doing this four times and he continues. Considering that this is against the rules I find it even more annoying, poor new players that do not know how to zoom in .
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