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    Lock pvp post 3.1

    A couple questions

    1. For those who have been played and tested locks in 3.1 either on the PTR or in the past couple days..how bad REALLY is the Fear nerf? I understand the cornerstone strategy of fear>dot>dot>dot>fear may be gone, but are skilled players able to get around this?

    2. Im a little concerned with some off the Aff spec nerfs, so how viable is Destro for pvp? From what i hear, the burst is incredibly solid and when you put around 15+ talents in the Demo tree..it offers close to the same survivability as the Aff spec.

    I was thinking a destro build like http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warl...0&version=9767 assuming destro will be the new pvp spec

    if not..something more of a cookie cutter Aff build like http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warl...0&version=9767

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    Re: Lock pvp post 3.1

    really that destro build? Your gonna want master summoner and fel dom if you plan to arena. Considering pretty much anyone any spec can burn the pet pretty fast.

    But the affliction build ide prob have to say no go for arena's at least. Sure you may be able to work a team down or two, but once you reach good teams I really dont think you can preasure a decent healer enough (without fearing him with more then a corruption on him, because it will break pretty fast with a corruption + agony)

    Destro has some sick burst, I have been running around BG's immo, choas bolt, conflag and there pretty much dead. But they are bg guy's who are most likely 1200 arena players. If you can combine your burst, with a fear on the healer (in arena), should be enough to take out a good chunk of some players life. Followed with the spell lock, another fear, or some CC from your partner.

    The problem with affliction is just,, you really have no burst to kill somone in a fear, without like in the past making them choose who to heal after that 9 sec fear, and making them get behind in the healing, and taking advantage of it by never letting them get caught up. The fear nerf to me from what i have been testing, is just a moving poly that you can KINDA set up on (dots etc).

    I will be trying out destro to see how that goes, but you really a differnent skill set to pvp destro. Then i might swap out and maybe try affliction, highly doubtful because i really dont see it going to well.

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    Re: Lock pvp post 3.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperbeam
    if not..something more of a cookie cutter Aff build like http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warl...0&version=9767
    I dont think thats cookie cutter at all, i know the new seduction gylph removes dots, but 3 points in improved succubus for affliction is a waste of time, pick up demonic aegis instead.

    Fear nerf isnt *that* bad, although i have the glyph and have still noticed a huge fall in the duration of fear, full duration fears become 3/4 seconds, less if you get a crit.

    Yet to try any arena with the nerf though, this is purely from duels.

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    Re: Lock pvp post 3.1

    Sadly BLZ months ago confirmed the problem with no dispelprotection for destro tree and yet again ignored to work with the issue.

    Desto will still be utter fail in Arena (not bg's) cos its stationary, build around imolate (conflag, incinerate damage) that can be dispelled.

    Result: fail in anything but a 2v2 team with a rogue for stunlock so the locks nukes dont get interupted.
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