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    WorldMap addon!

    Hi guys,
    I was using Carbonite(now out because they are asking for donations) and tomTom not working, so I'm running around using Blizz's map and I'm LOST! Can't find nothing to complete quest's!
    Please recommend anything that works! I have gotten used to coordinates and detail maps.
    3.1 has made the transition way harder than previous patches.
    Thank you.

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    Re: WorldMap addon!

    Try carthographer ^^
    best i've ever found :
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    Re: WorldMap addon!

    they ask for donations, yes but you dont have to donate anything ... instead you can now get the full version for free ...

    look at teh lower part of teh page and be happy or are you upset that you can donate if you like to??
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    Re: WorldMap addon!

    cartographer 3, its like google earth for WoW, its sweet ;D

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    Re: WorldMap addon!

    Thank you guys. I will try and download Carbonite.
    I have gotten so use to using them that its very hard to complete quest, just me I guess.
    BTW whats a good mage addon to know when AB procs. I use Powerroguebars

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