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    Rapture bugged once again?

    Sure it energizes myself after shield breaks and grants me the mana I want.. but I was healing a DK through VH to test discipline out. I did not notice that my PWS would've given him any runic power, which it should do, according to tooltip.

    To make sure the 12 sec cd is not universal, I did wait for quite a while for some shields, to make sure there would be absolutely no justification that he'd not get RP. Still, he didn't.

    Anyone to check out further if it works on mana/rage, or was it possibly a one-time glitch [..well.. one-run glitch.. :P]? Or maybe my UI was slow to react? Though 32 RP is kinda massive amount.

    Though I find it kinda strange that it would've not been reported already..

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    Re: Rapture bugged once again?

    have you asked the dk to look at his combat log? if runic power are logged you should be able to track his rp gain from shield that way.

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    Re: Rapture bugged once again?

    when i tank on my DK i'm typically pounding several buttons at once (because it's that bloody simple). are you sure he wasn't just using the RP the moment it was granted and your UI didn't update? to really test it have him to stand there doing nothing.

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