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    Click2Cast macro ? o.O (Please gief info)

    I've heard of some sort of macro which allows you to just hover your pointer over the character's name in, for example, grid and then you click your mouse keydind to heal them. I have the AddOn "Click2Cast, but for that you need to have target on the caracer which you want to heal. I have <SHIFT> + <MOUSE 1> binded in this AddOn but I don't want to have the one I heal as a target.
    I'd love a link to a website, or someone who can explain this macro. If it even exists. ^-^

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    Re: Click2Cast macro ? o.O (Please gief info)

    I haven't used that addon or used much in the way of mouse bindings but you may be interested in trying a "mouseover" macro with that binding.

    The macro would be something to the effect of:

    /cast [target=mouseover] "spell name"
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    Re: Click2Cast macro ? o.O (Please gief info)

    I think the addon "Clique" does the same thing.

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