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    Help with UI

    with 3.1 out i have to rework some addons. my DrDamge isnt showing up on my action buttons (using bartender4) or my tooltips (using TipTop) I looked at Drdamage options and its active and says its displaying, but nothing, looked into both bartender and tiptop and i dont see anything that would cause this problem. any help!!??

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    Re: Help with UI

    Update your addons.
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    Re: Help with UI

    yeah i just DLed the newest versions ever everything....

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    Re: Help with UI

    DrDamage sucks, thats all.
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    Re: Help with UI

    is there any other mod that dose the same thing? or at least shows some average stats for spells (dps, total average damage) on the buttons and/or tooltips?

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    Re: Help with UI

    your brain... Really, just get used to your abilities. Unless you've ebayed your account, it shouldnt be a problem
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    Re: Help with UI

    DrDamage is dead. It hasn't been updated for quite some time, and the author of it has stopped playing WoW, and stopped doing addons. Nobody has stepped forward to take over the addon because of the sheer amount of work required to update it for each patch and hotfix. There is no other addon that does the same thing.
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