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    3.1 PVP/All around 22/41/8 spec

    Hey this is the spec i was looking at for grinding, world pvp, and general goodness. My other spec is affliction, so i dont have much crit or resilience gear.


    My questions: Affliction : where should I move the 1 in suppression to, or should i move them and imp fear to fel concentration since i have CoEx anyways? I have alot of hit gear as it is

    Demo: Where can I move points from to put 1 more in imp HS and 1 in molten core, or is it fine how it is?

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Re: 3.1 PVP/All around 22/41/8 spec

    It simply sucks. /thread.

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    Re: 3.1 PVP/All around 22/41/8 spec

    Quote Originally Posted by Shwaam
    It simply sucks. /thread.
    Well that's not helpful. O_o But the point the poster is trying to make is that this spec is kind of all over the place. If you want to run with something similar to this I'd suggest the following.

    Keep in mind I'm not an expert (especially with a hybrid build) but I'd say you need crit gear regardless of spec so work on that. Pandemic is amazing and both Demo and Destro are heavily crit based. As for running around now (since you don't have a lot of crit currently) I'd suggest putting the 5 points from Demonic Tactics into Demonic Knowledge and Decimate. Since you won't crit a lot now doing more flat damage is important against gankers.

    I've not played Affliction in PvP since 3.1 but pre patch I found it to be the best build for doing dailies and fighting Horde (or maybe in your case Alliance). Of course I'd die but usually only when doubled or grouped up against. Otherwise it was a great spec for getting done what you wanted and living through it. Now, IMO, Destruction is the way to go especially is you have your Succubus out and have the talents into Improved Succubus.

    My two hardest classes (Rogues and Mages) ganked me last night and I pwned both of them. Seduction removing DoTs and Shadowfury ftw. And in case anyone asks yes I had trouble with Mages pre 3.1 though I've read I should have found them easy. That damn Mage Armor is HELL! =p And against a Mage and Rogue pair I don't think Affliction would've had a chance. As for now I don't know how "nerfed" that tree is though IMO it looks to be just as strong with the Siphon Life bonus damage to UA and Corruption.

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