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    Trinket choices

    Ok, well. I came into an interesting dilemma last night and I can't get it off my mind.

    Im a level 77 Disc priest.(Armory:

    And I had Cannoneer's Morale( to replace either; Valonforth's Remembrance( or, Mendicent's Charm(

    I replaced Valonforth's due to the recent spirit nerf, but I was wondering if I was making the correct decision, since i now have two on activate SP trinkets.

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    Re: Trinket choices

    I would be more worried about getting to lvl 80.....

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    Re: Trinket choices

    Quote Originally Posted by Strykzor
    I would be more worried about getting to lvl 80.....
    I know, I was/am going at a pace of 1 level/day(I was 74 3 days ago). So Im not too worried about that, plus Im trying to get a little bit of rested(ran out..yesterday?) and It's just atrocious leveling without rested.

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    Re: Trinket choices

    Valeforths rememberance has a 45 second internal cooldown and a 15% chance of proccing. And since you are levelling and not using multi-target spells a lot, you'd be hard pressed to make it proc more than once a minute.

    This trinket is as such worth about 40 spirit. which is not a lot, and you by definition won't get much OOFSR time from it. Assuming your 781 intellect, this is worth about 9 MP5 through meditation.

    If you ask me, the replacement was a good decision.
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    Re: Trinket choices

    I was doing ALOT of instances, so thats good to know, thanks alot.

    If I get Soul preserver, should I replace Mendicents?

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