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    Re: Priests 3.1 Buff to Prayer of healing

    I have to second Spiritus. Yes, I'm a little disappointed with my mana not being where it use to be, but most of that is more shock value and having to get use to actually thinking about what spells to cast instead of casting whatever I felt like. Personally, I think Prayer of Healing is in a pretty good spot. The one thing I liked about Priests above other healers was that they had good, steady healing, but when it really hit the fan, I always had the option of lots of burst healing at the expense of burning through my mana. Before 3.1, I never felt like I could really do that, where I was pretty much spamming my optimal raid healing rotation, and it was either enough, or it wasn't, but I never had serious mana problems and I never had those emergency tools.

    I finally feel powerful again, where I know I can throw out more HPS than anyone else in the raid by a considerable margin, but it's balanced by burning through my mana very quickly. And, thankfully, it reintroduces a variable that allows a skilled Holy Priest to separate him from a bad one. Unlike CoH where even someone who facerolled could do it pretty much endlessly for obnoxious HPS, we finally have our throughput back, but in a way that can't simply be facerolled.

    So, sure, would I like it to be a little cheaper, why not. But when you think about it, by the time the vast majority of us are doing hardmodes that might make us want to be able to spam it even longer where than 5% might make a difference, we should have picked up a few pieces of gear that will balance out that 5%, and everything will be fine again.

    So, yeah, let's not whine about PoH; the fact that you can't spam it endlessly is a GOOD thing.

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    Re: Priests 3.1 Buff to Prayer of healing

    Prayer of Healing is in a very good spot right now, and it doesn't need adjusting.

    To give an example, I'm in a 10man guild and we do malygos with two healers, me the disc priest and a holy paladin. before every vortex I try shield as much people as possible and then during aswell combined with prayer of mending, then when vortex ends I can pump out a hasted prayer of healing immediatly and start casting the second on the other group while the holy paladin tops everyone off.

    Needless to say I burn through a lot of mana, but it is more then worth it, and I usually can find some ways to get a break.

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    Re: Priests 3.1 Buff to Prayer of healing

    To all picking my numbera apart:

    Yes, yes, you are very right. I did forget the numbers not listed on the character sheet
    Refreshing to see some critic replies. This just means I'll have to be a bit more self-critical as well next time I do some numbers!

    Still, PoH -is- the fastest way of running OOM in the game. It's just not quite as fast as I said it would be :P
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    Re: Priests 3.1 Buff to Prayer of healing

    Quote Originally Posted by Danner
    Still, PoH -is- the fastest way of running OOM in the game. It's just not quite as fast as I said it would be :P
    Actually the fastest way to run OOM in the game is to die because you held on to your mana rather than spend it as it needed to be spent. Regardless of how taxing it may be of your mana pool, if the situation calls for it you need to cast it, mana be damned. I haven't seen every encounter in 3.1 yet, but having raided through to Mimiron (Phase 4) I feel that none of them generally warrant more than a few consecutive casts before you get to a point where mixing in other heals would be of more benefit.

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    Re: Priests 3.1 Buff to Prayer of healing

    Well, actually the fastest way to run OOM is to spam. Why would you spam something without reason. All i know is that bad players spam one spell.
    The point is to use spells for the certain situation, like PoM for raid "dot"s, PoH for massive raid damage especially when you can predict it (like with Gluth, Loatheb and many of the Ulduar bosses),...

    And yeah, youll run out of mana eventually, but thats why there are many of mana regen tools that we have. But if you're such a noob and dont know how to use them, dont blame the mana cost of spells

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    Re: Priests 3.1 Buff to Prayer of healing

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    It's not ironic, you, if you're a priest with full25men gear of 3.0.9, will have 22k mana raidbuffed, and around 900mana regen OO5SR and 550 I5SR, with a 30%+ spell crit, giving you a 80% uptime at least, of Holy Concentration that will boost up your regen to over 1.3k (basically, what you had before the spirit nerf), add that now, SF mana regen got buffed, and HoH now increases your mana pool, with HoH+SF up you can regen more than 15k mana, add a Potion, and I hardly doubt you'll ever go OOM even by spamming PoH every AoE (Like 2 PoH every Ignis's Flame Jets)
    Yes, you are right, I do not go OOM from healing Ignis's Flame Jets. (No matter how wrong you are with your numbers )

    Let me show you why:

    Ignis's Flame Jet causes ~6000 instant + ~8000 over time in 10 man mode. Staying in 10-man, you can expect to have to heal at least one of the groups to full (otherwise you simply are not pulling your weight...), which gives us 5 people each taking 14k dmg = 70k dmg to heal.

    Now, let us see how we can do this:

    Option a) Flash Heals.
    If you assume my average Flash Heal of 5500, this would take 70/5.5 = 12.7 casts. Taking my 26% critical strike chance in account for SoL procs, means 9.7 of those have to be paid. My (glyphed) Flash Heal takes 625 mana, giving us a total of 6063 mana.
    (this is actually quite a favorable consideration since it discounts that healing 5 persons means producing overheal 5 times to fill up the last 2000 hp that always seem to be missing)

    Option b) Greater Heals.
    Operating on people that lose ~14k hp total with 11k heals is rather... unwieldy? If you were to do full GHeals, you would have to pump 2 GHeals into every person (except for the 1.3 persons where statistically it crits), costing you 988*8.7 = 8595 mana. And that is with the T7 5% cost bonus already included!

    Option c) Flash Heal + GHeal.
    Simple tactic: First cast a FH, then a GH. With the resulting serendipity charge this costs 1.3+1.95=3.25 seconds to fill one person up. Due to SoL, you can expect to be paying for 5 GHeals and 3.96 Flash Heals, costing (625 * 3.96) + (988 * 5) = 7415 mana.

    Option d) Group Healing Elegance.
    Hits for ~5400 per person + 20% of that as a hot over 6 seconds. If timed well, you are almost done with an incredible 2 * 1483 = 2966 mana cost.
    However, you might argue that this does not fill everyone up, so let's suggest a different approach:
    PoH -> CoH -> PoM + renew on the (off-)tank -> PoH
    Not only does this pretty much ensure your hot goes through, you actually help healing the tanks, too.
    Discounting the tank healing - you can always just WAIT - this costs 811 + 2 * 1483 = 3777 mana and heals everyone for 15660 Hp.
    Adding the cost for a PoM and a renew (which I would like to reiterate are just a nice bonus!) this strategy takes away 3777 + 656 + 463 = 4896 mana, which is still over 1100 mana less than the best single healing tactic!!!

    Oh, and I almost forgot that after the first PoH + CoH I can spend a certain SoL procc (which might be possible between the two already, but I prefer to first cast the two group heals to get everyone healed up a bit)....

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