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    Thinking about coming back to wow

    Hi guys,

    I used to play a disc pvp priest pre-WOTLK and really enjoyed it, I quit shortly after the release of WOTLK as I'm not a huge raider and got bored due to the lack of pvp and the fact it was next to impossible to play the way I wanted and do reasonably well.

    I'm thinking now that maybe the damage may have settled down with resilence and considering coming back. Just wondering how disc priests fair in pvp now, I'm not expecting them to be the major thorn in most classes side that they once were, but something that I would be able to hold my own and do reasonably well and enjoy it.

    Some of your views would be most welcome!


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    Re: Thinking about coming back to wow

    They were great in S5 and now they'll be even better in S6.

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    Re: Thinking about coming back to wow

    I still need a lightwell just to stay alive long enough in most situations where a Priest is seen as an easy kill. But I don't have a lot of resil or PvP gear(3-5 pieces of Hateful). So for PvP I have most fun with a Holy-Disc hybrid.

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    Re: Thinking about coming back to wow

    Disc Priests definatly look decent, and yes, burst damage has settled down a bit. (Not at TBC-levels, though.)
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    Re: Thinking about coming back to wow

    I don't PVP much, but it seems like the new healing hymn would be pretty good in arena? Run behind a pillar and get full life pretty quick.

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