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    Disc or Shadow pvp?

    So what one is better for pvp and why? As of now i'm Disc but i'm not sure if its better then shadow. Tomorrow i'll be starting arena season 6 as a Disc priest but what do you guys think? Disc or Shadow for pvp/arena?

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    by the way i'm new to all this stuff...how would i show my talent point tree?

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    Different playstyles... If u like short fast games shadow, if u want to tank and stay alive go disc.

    shadow will need more skillz, you'll need focus macros and such...you'll need to be on top of your game to use the silence at the right moments.

    Depends what gameplay u feel comfortable with.. U been levelling as shadow and like it, u can try it.

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    i guess i'm just looking for whatever is the best for pvp/arena, i dont care if its a long match short match whatever match just whatever is best for arena. as of now being a disc priest i know i can survive for while but i dont seem to cause a lot of damage, i'm mostly healing myself in duels and throwing a few dots around and SWD here and there. But then i see all the damage that a shadow priest can do i then think how can a shadow priest survive in a tight spot with lacking heals and safty heals.

    i'd show you my talent tree how i have it set up if i knew how to show it. ???

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    I feel like this is your first time reaching max level as well your first arena season. With all of the class changes implemented in patch 3.1, there is no best priest spec for arenas. All three talent trees had changes made that will have massive implications for pvp (self-target penance, pain sup while stunned, psychic horror, imp renew, and body and soul to name a few). Historically the most frequently used spec by arena priests is Discipline but that is by no means a guarantee of it being the best for season 6, if a best spec even exists.

    I feel like you should be able to easily determine if you feel like being a healer or being a damage dealer, if you're doing 2's/3's my personal preference for healing would be disc, but with the changes to holy I'd be very tempted to test out holy on a 3's or 5's team. In short, there is no answer to your question, try them all out and have fun.

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    Well this is my one and only level 80, but before wrath came out i had two level 70's. I did arena with my rogue back in season 3 and a little in 4. But i understand what you are saying how there is no best spec for arena as of right now. Thank you for your answer.

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    i have not got too much experience at 80, but from what i understand shadow survivability is very bad atm, however blizz are working on improving it!

    i <3 disc... whats better than having three people on you not being able to kill you!!

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    What will you partner with? I guess that would make it easier for us to make suggestions.

    I want to try out shadow on arena again, however.. we are still squishy clothies who will be targeted first. Will you run 2v2 or 3v3 or 5v5 or all together?

    1. Tell us your partner/partners.
    2. Get dual specs. I have one shadow pvp and one disc, it makes it easier to choose and adapt.
    3. Learn the different playstyles. Myself, I haven't played much disc and feel a bit confused when I do it... I feel more comfortable as shadow. However in arena, if you can't get the right amount of damage done you need to be able to stay alive in order to push away more damage... and it's not an easy task as shadow. As disc you can stay alive and do a bit of damage as well and it gives your partner/partners more time to peel off the enemies from you.

    Anyhow, give us more information about your plans and partners please?=)
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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xip
    If its your first time...dont go shadow,otherwise you will quit and you will take a DK and lvl it...
    What can i say? hmm...priest is class where you cant faceroll to get rating or anything...
    you will need to play realy realy good to get high rated...
    you choose Discp or Shadow...its almost same but Shadow has a lot different playing style then discp...and ofc that style is harder atm...
    i still think Holy isnt for PvP...but thats just me...
    i can give you advice here...
    If its your first time go Discp,watch some movies oN WCM...you will get used to it...when you "catch" all things you have dual spec,spec Shadow,get gear,try it
    Hehe this is my first char ever, and I would really love doing it the hard way as shadow cause I love the spec. But I must take my arena partners in consideration, if I keep getting blown to pieces in a couple of secs I can't go on no matter how hard I try. However, when I get a bit better gear I will convince them to at least have me try it out again being shadow and find out if this patch has made things different. If I'm still a free kill I will have to work on my disco skills, I love penance and if disco will make me reach higher ratings I will get gear that my shadowspec can use as well and it might make me rock arenas in the future =)

    So my first char - it's a shadow priest - I will stick to the priest class no matter what (even if it means lolsmiting disco priest) - so no DK worries (and there's already a DK in my team, much better played than I would ever play mine).

    But you are right, if one think shadow is bursting the burst into other players disappointment might occur and hate towards the priestly class. However, if you want an easy class and aren't prepare to work on the skills the priest class probably isn't the right class anyway... shadow or disco.
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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    Well, if you can't choose between disco and shadow, why not try to compare them?=)
    this is my the most favourite pvp spec.
    Personally I find shadow quite difficult for pvp, maybe because I'm used to playing pvp always with retropala who does most of the damage, helps with mana and put HoP when needed, whereas I spam flash heals, shield, dispells, fear (the cd is even 23 sec if you have gladiator's hand piece) and silence healers and annoying casters so that to let pala kill them fast =) and ofc dmg when possible) with around 20% crit you have aegis, which lets you also dmg more)
    Also you have slowing mind flay - so helpful sometimes.
    So maybe someone will say that build lacks some nice disco andvantages, yea, but it has most of them + 2 controlling spells + less cd on fear - which often saves you ass!

    Maybe this build is kinda suppoting one, so it'll play itself awsome when you're with a very good dps.
    As for shadow, I like it in pve.)

    Up to you to decide =)

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    well thank you guys for your replys, to answer the question as to what i'm doing, i'm doing 3v3 and my partners are DK Myself and......not sure of the third. He have a hunter however he is worthless, full of blues and green gear. Also have a rogue but he is too busy cybering on wow so he is not really gonna be there for us. So not sure who is gonna be our third partner. But as of now its Myself and DK.

    I'm going to start off as Disc cause thats what i'm used to. Even though all of you dispagree with my spec i'm going to try it out and see how much i fail with my spec first then i'll think about changing things around with your help. Again thank you all.

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    The point is you should play whichever spec is more fun for you. There is no best spec in arena. I personally prefer shadow but here is a disc spec I'll recommend to you.


    You can easily swap points around but the key things are:

    Divine Fury - This is for an offensive playstyle. In 2s and 3s I like to help dps with holy fire/smite/mind blast on our target. If you are more defensive you will want Spell Warding instead.

    Enlightenment - 6% spell haste for 3 talent points is amazing, do not spec disc without getting this. You will notice the difference immediately.

    Absolution and Mental Agility - You will be spamming dispels a lot so the cheaper they are the better.

    Everything else should be fairly obvious. Good luck with your 3s.

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    I'd rather take Reflective shield rather then Grace which seems to me to be more pve rather then pvp.
    Also I personally can't see a priest without improved fortitude, esp now when it's better - granting you 4% stam.
    Also I find renewed hope quite helpful in pvp, one more benefit from the shield and extra crit percentage - I personally saved lots of guys on bgs by casting shield and then flash, and extra crit was noticeable.
    I also never took mental agility, but have nothing against it - having it or not depends on style of playing, and I didn't notice much difference, but maybe I'm not right.

    and btw I'm thinking now about mental agility/devine aegis/absolution/enlightment - in the way I've composed my build I have three points left for either of these tallents :-\
    what should I choose in your opinion? ???

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    Re: Disc or Shadow pvp?

    everyone also says dont use divine aegis unless your crit is high. i dont understand this though cause i have divine aegis as of now and when i use penace about 70% of the time if not more my penance activates divine aegis and my crit is only 17%. But everyone says dont do it so i dont know.

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