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    Priest proffs

    Hi everyone, first time poster here

    i know your probably sick of all the posts about whats the best spec n all, but i just wanted some feedback.
    i have a 70 disc priest atm, but i stopped playing when wotlk came out, in a couple of months i am going to start playing again and lvl to 80 and i believe i will remain disc.

    i mostly pvp, however i do want to get into raiding at 80, i havnt really worked on my proffessions much, so i plan on starting on new ones once i start playing again.. so basically.. what proffessions should i be looking at for a disc priest at 80? as i do not know too much about wotlk mechanics and content, any feedback and advice will be appreciated!

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    Re: Priest proffs

    I chose JC + Engineer.

    JC = best prof for pve together with BS and tailoring
    Engineer = best prof for pvp and quite nice in pve too with the recent buffs (while still not up to the 32 stats others get it is at least close now)
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    Re: Priest proffs

    The initial idea is that all professions suck, pick whatever you like.

    Gathering professions are good for moneymaking (but skinning less so).
    Gear crafting professions (tailoring, leatherworking, blacksmiting) truly sucks, as noone want to wear the stuff you make (a naxx pug takes 3-4 hrs two flasks and a few foodbuffs, tailoring takes 5 weeks and thousands of gold: but naxx yields better gear). Ulduar drops some BoE patterns though, but they're not really better than other drops.

    Enginerering is mostly a "for fun" profession. It's not that useful, but then again, nor is anything else. Might as well have fun.
    Jewelcrafting is a solid profession, probably "the best" in game, but not by a longshot. Expensive to level, highly profitable as everyone will always need gems.
    Enchanting is also a solid profession, but the only real benefit over other professions you get is to DE stuff. Sure, it's money, but not a lot.
    Inscription is a serious moneymaker, but not really much more than that.
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    Re: Priest proffs

    thanks very much for the feedback! think ill probably go with mining & engi then.. after all, those rocket boots look like a lot fo fun

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