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    Demo Nerf

    Fel Synergy now give you a 50/100% chance to heal your pet for 15% (down from 50/30%) of the amount of spell damage done by you.

    i can see why this would need a nerf for pvp.. but geez thisi kills us for pve.. Thanks bliz now i have to resummon my pet more often than humanly possible and waste 5 shards a fight lol.

    Please dont tell me to lrn2 to play cuz pet management is important yes but alot of fight there is aoe dmg near the melee and or void zones.. half the time were far away and cant see and this takes away alot of our dps time to keep stairing at the floor where our pet is..

    They moved the talent up the tree so it would help all the other trees.. and than they nerf it.. put it back down the tree and back up in %.. just another way to insta nerf locks sence 3.1

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    Re: Demo Nerf

    shouldnt effect pve that much tbh. aoe doesnt really do jack to my felguard. only think u need to worry about is Mimirons Missile in phase 2... 1shot my felguard for 800k. but i now know it cant survive it so i move it out when it comes, so yeh, it isnt a big problem for pve at all
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    Re: Demo Nerf

    sto being drama queen.

    this is only tooltip change...

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    Re: Demo Nerf

    No, it is a nerf, the healing 5 is now static instead of increasing with points invested... however I didn't use points there anyway since Avoidance handles most of my FG's damage mitigation and the rest can be done either with a healer or me at the cost of some dps (which is rarely needed). And with Nemesis giving me a 30% reduction on Fel Dom's cooldown, I usually have a backup FG ready to go in most fights.

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    Re: Demo Nerf

    it's not a nerf again.

    that talent is 50%/100% for 15% heal on live and always was, they are just fixin obviously broken tooltip

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    Re: Demo Nerf

    Yes there was a broken, but now fixed tooltip. However, there has also been a nerf. With 2/2 points the talent previously healed your pet 100% of the time for 30% of your damage, and for 15% with 1 point (despite the broken tooltip). Now with 2/2 points it heals 100% of the time for 15% of your damage.

    Healing for half as much is a nerf, and yes they fixed the tooltip.

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