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    Gear Priority

    Returning to PVP after a long hiatus. I have enough honor, Shards, Emblems to pick up 3 or 4 pieces of gear when S6 starts. Are there any general guidelines for the order in which to purchase PVP gear or is it specific to the individual?

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    Re: Gear Priority

    IMO, it's specific to the individual. There are certainly some things that should take high priority regardless (like a PVP trinket if you don't have one), otherwise you really need to compare the upgrade vs. the cost. When I was getting together my PVP set, I would evaluate the size of the upgrade roughly, then determine the cost and the piece that had the highest upgrade to cost ratio was the next piece I would buy.

    As a point of reference, I would avoid wearing anything pre-WotLK, even Season 4 unless you are truly desperate for resilience. In many cases, even lower quality PVE gear will have similar amounts of Stamina to Season 4, but will have a lot more Spell Power and Intellect to the point where comparing, say my PVE Naxx25 bracers to my Season 4 Bracers, the Resilience just was not worth it. Besides, unless your server is very well balanced between factions, Resilience is borderline useless in Wintergrasp because you'll pretty much either get two-shot (if they have lots of Tenacity), or have 100k health and just plain not need it. So you'd only really need Resilience in BGs (where you can often get away with less as a ranged class) or Arena (where it may not even be worth bothering with if you don't have decent gear already).

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    Re: Gear Priority

    Good points, thank you.

    I was considering replacing my PVE head and shoulders first because they're blue. I can also tailor the cloth Frostsavage stuff but haven't done so because I'd have to give up so much SP, INT, etc. just to get the resilience. I've read mixed reports on how much resilience is really going to help me.

    Finding the right balance seems to be the trick to all this, especially if you consider gemming, enchants, etc.


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    Re: Gear Priority

    Well its a grind getting any set of gear and you have to start somewhere. Nobody likes stacking resilience, but with out around 700+ you just cant survive any nukes.

    A lot depends on what you want to do bg's or arena and the spec you will be choosing. In bg's most of the time I run as PvE holy with my PvE gear. My team is virtually invincible while im alive in bg's, which is why I bg as holy. In bg's you will likely never get a peal or any help from your team so even as disc with PvP gear you will have to stop what your doing and deal with the threat yourself. Personally I feel I can offer more to our team by just healing like crazy until a rogue finds me, then heal for another 15 seconds and leave a PoM bouncing around with a few renews on people.

    In arenas you will need a minimum of around 700 resilience. Games are more coordinated and you have to survive while your partner(s) are cc. IMO its better running in all frostsavage than your best PvE gear. You loose a lot of good stats by doing this, but you can survive long enough to get help from your teammates.

    Like the above poster said I generally use a cost benefit when deciding what pieces to get. I would definitely go for Gloves first for the 3 sec reduced cooldown on psychic scream, followed by a helm for a meta. After that it would just be a matter of what is the best overall benefit in stats. If your gona try arenas I would also suggest getting a few pieces of hit (probably from WG marks) because if Psychic scream is resisted its almost a sure loss.

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