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    [shadow] Do i need meditation?

    Ok i am not 80 yet and with the extended server maintenance, I am specing my shadow priest and I have been looking on elitis jerks and such, but I am wondering if I NEED meditation or can i put 2 of the 3 points into imp VE?


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    Re: [shadow] Do i need meditation?

    Your spec is perfect as it is. Meditation > imp VE.

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    Re: [shadow] Do i need meditation?

    Yes, and I'd say your spec is fine as is.

    If you want IVE, there are better talents (or, perhaps better said, worse talents) out of which to take the points. Look at talents like Improved Shadow Form or possibly Focused Mind or Improved Spirit Tap (the last two depending on what side you take in the concurrent discussions in other threads) as talents that you could potentially lose points in for Improved Vampiric Embrace. Meditation is worth a LOT of regen and with cloth gear only getting more and more Spirit, it will be worth that much more.

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    Re: [shadow] Do i need meditation?

    Yes, you need Meditation. No question there.

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    Re: [shadow] Do i need meditation?

    I dropped one from Focused Mind for Inner Focus cause.. well... yeah


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