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    im baffled

    since my gear isnt .."good" ive been raiding frost...but after 3.1 i bought dual spec and still havnet specced because idk what to do.... with what stats is it time to go FFB.....then with what stats is it time to go TTW/FB ... or even arcane or stay frost?.... i have 1750 SP 355 Hit...478 Crit and 250 Haste. should i stay frost and if i should when should i respec and to looking for higher dps. i can put out around 3k now but im lookin to get higher i realize my gear isnt that good but am i on the right track or should i be doing something else. also again.. when is the right time to respec..

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    Re: im baffled

    well you should never ever raid frost imo.....go to arcane lose some an armory link so we can look at it and maybe give you some better instructions on what to do but never ever raid frost EVER

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    Re: im baffled

    With your gear you could be doing much much more damage with FFB, Arcane, or FB TTw.

    And who told you your gear isnt good??

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    Re: im baffled

    I'd go arcane with one spec and TTW/Fire for the other. For short fights or fights with lots of target switching, go arcane. For slightly longer, 1 target fights, go TTW/Fire.

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