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    Glyph of Chaos Bolt?

    Is it worth it? Right now i am using Conflag, LT, and Immo. It seems as if a reduction of 2 sec from the CD would be worth it, but i just started playing destro, so im looking for some advice from someone who has been the spec for a while.

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    Re: Glyph of Chaos Bolt?


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    Re: Glyph of Chaos Bolt?

    the math has been done on this and in PvE it would reduce your DPs compared to the glyphs you are using.

    I haven't used it in PvP yet but I doubt the 2 seconds will make a big enough difference. If it were 4 seconds I would consider it. Maybe this will be something Blizz looks to tweak next round.

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    Re: Glyph of Chaos Bolt?

    ya i was just looking for that. I dont pvp much and when i do its usually wintergrasp so im not planning on ever going into an arena. I wasnt sure that it would be a dps increase so im glad i came on here before i spent the insane amount of gold they are going for on the AH.

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