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    Need some healin advice

    Im going for a healin build just for heroics I came up with this


    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Need some healin advice

    LOL. That's my smite build. >.>
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    Re: Need some healin advice

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    Re: Need some healin advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Topgunner
    Thank god... I was gonna say that first spec was horrible... this looks very normal for holy.

    Personally, my spec is the same except... remove Holy Reach (just tell people to stack closer to you.) and replace with Inner Focus and LolWell.

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    Re: Need some healin advice

    You've got a pretty decent build there. I would drop Holy Reach and Empowered Renew (just personal preference), and put 3 in Test of Faith, 1 in Inner Focus, and the other you can just put wherever. Inner Focus is great if you macro it to GH, PoH, and CoH. That way it gets used every time it's up basically. Mana free heals + 25% crit = win :P

    All that said, for heroics you will still be fine with the spec you linked, it's not worth 50g to move those few points around.

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