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    Leveling from 70 to 80

    Hello guys!

    I need some advice on the best leveling specc (in your expert opinions) from 70 to 80.

    Would it be fg/sl still now post 3.1? I haven't really been vigilant to the discussions on best warlock speccs of late lol (tho Im hearing that locks are putting out some awesome dps - despite the conflag nerf - in Ulduar)

    I will most likely level her by grinding instances and the odd quest here and there.

    Will deep destro cut it? I like destro but its a tad mana-draining.

    Advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated Thank you.

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    Re: Leveling from 70 to 80

    If you're not looking for immense speed then play what spec you want to play?

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