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    lookin for disc pvp spec and glyphs

    well im an up and coming shadow pve and disc pvp priest and i got my shaow down pat but i know nothing of disc so any help would be awesome.

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    Re: lookin for disc pvp spec and glyphs

    Get off MMO champs forums first of all, these forums are full of idiot trolls and scrubs.

    Arena junkies, elitest jerks or even the official wow forums over this place.

    As disc youll want to focus on Resil and SP mainly. 800+ resil 1800 sp with innerfire and you can be competitive.
    the spec is completely up to you, theres generally 2 different disc pvp cookie cutter specs atm. one crit based and one if you focus spirit.

    either spec works atm imo. but the glyphs are the same for both, penance inner fire and pain suppression glyphs.

    If you want easy arena points, get a decent ret paladin. 300 resil and atleast a naxx 2h 3k atp. If you find that and you learn disc playstyle you can hit 1800 easy.

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    Re: lookin for disc pvp spec and glyphs

    Here is my arena spec and it works pretty good, i'm pretty hard to kill in arena..only thing that makes me lack is my team mates gear. But this spec has worked great for me. And the glyphs.

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