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    Leveling as smite

    My priest is level 70 and I m currently on planning to level her to 80.
    I tried out shadow, but didn't exactly like it.
    I want to be able to solo and heal some minor instance as I level.
    It's not going to be a rush, but I also don't want to drink after every 2 mob >"<

    Just wondering if anything changed/improved on the smite side that would worth trying

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s: She has mostly kara/za gear, season 2 on the side(all for healing).

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    Re: Leveling as smite

    Lolsmite is easy sauce to level with.

    Spec just for DPS in the holy tree take; 2/3 in improved renew, 5/5 spirtual guidance and 2/2 surge of light. In the discipline tree just to take anything that increase damage and crit including all the shield buffs (reflective shield as well).

    For glyphs, smite (additional damage when holy fired), power word shield (heals when shielded) and the last can be anything. I took renew just so I didn't need to stop and cast a real heal.

    Your whole rotation is Holyfire the smite spam, if you want to AoE shield and holynova.

    It's really easy.

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    Re: Leveling as smite

    I started with this at 70 (roughly):


    and got to this at 80:


    71: spirit of redemption
    72,73,74: enlightenment
    75,76,77: focused will
    78,79: aspiration

    enlightenment/focused will are interchangeable, depends on whether you have trouble with mana in instances or not.

    someone might flame at me for taking reflective shield but you will be surprised with the little damage boost, plus with soul warding your bubble is cheap so i do recommend it.

    in instances you heal like a regular holy priest, renew on tank, pom, power infusion+prayer of healing (or anything slow/expensive) for heavy aoe damage, surge of light flash heal patch up etc. you shouldn't have any problems, at least when i leveled as smite i didn't.

    for mob killing, i recommend this rotation:

    bubble -> holy fire -> smite x 2 ~ 3 -> sw:d

    anything should be dead by then.

    for glyphs, smite/sw:d are your basics. i like renew but pw:s's also nice. pick whatever you like.

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    Re: Leveling as smite

    I'll have to look up the spec I'm using on my priest, but smite is pretty fun and will still be able to heal instances as you level.

    I think the spec is something like this. Since they changed the disc tree I haven't looked into it much


    leaves you with 4 extra points to put where you want. but since you will be 76 at this point you probably could just spec into some extra heals for the harder instances.

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    Re: Leveling as smite

    Have you ever considered looking at the revamped Disc tree? I'm leveling disc since mid 60s and it's quick and mana efficient + very capable at instance healing. You just need to stack int and crit and you'll be good. Had this spec @lvl70: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#bVcbuhhiRIs0fot0xoZh and really like it (especially compared to BC holy leveling).

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    Re: Leveling as smite

    Quote Originally Posted by Wennie
    My priest is level 70 and I m currently on planning to level her to 80.
    I tried out shadow, but didn't exactly like it.
    I want to be able to solo and heal some minor instance as I level
    You can heal instances as shadow. I did it many times on my priest. It's not even that hard really. And I didn't have any kara or za gear either, just quest greens for the most part. XD

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