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    Post 3.1 Leveling.

    A couple factors have drawn me to wanting to level a priest. Been jealous of disc priests and there mighty shields and versitility, and a way of healing that seems less troublesome than hots. Spriests also seem in extremely high demand as of late, seemingly every guild on my server is looking for one. Lastly I have never leveled an ally and have been really digging the unorthadoxness of a dwarf in cloth, plus I got a hella good name saved for him.

    But enough about me, my question is. Have priests become far too difficult to level for someone who hates the "Irish" style of leveling after the ooc and oo5sr regen nerfs. As in get in 3 fights, drank, get in 2 fights drank. Repeat 10 times for each quest. And I know loathe leveling like this because I have never gotten a Mage or warrior past level 20.

    Keep in mind I won't be using RaF or have a problem rolling a hunter or pally to see the ally content.

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    Re: Post 3.1 Leveling.

    At intial levels you'll drink a lot. A LOT. Pick up Spirit Tap in shadow and wand some, that should save you the time. But until you get more talent points, you'll be sitting down every now and then, it's not like lock or hunter even tho in Northrend you won't be sitting and drinking much - if at all.

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    Re: Post 3.1 Leveling.

    to expand on syanid:

    -get a good wand asap, highest dps the better. Leveling 1-20ish wanding is a great way to prevent drinking.
    -wand usage: don't need to spam it too much, but pull with a mind blast, followed by a SW:P, then wand, if you need to mind blast again, do it, unless that mind blast would kill the mob. You're best move is to make sure that you aren't casting ~5s before the mob dies (wanding =/= casting)
    -SPIRIT TAP is god for leveling, even if you level disc/holy you'll get it in your build

    and not needing to drink starts earlier than northrend, by level 50ish you should be pretty much there, just remember that mindflay+ either bubble or improved sform is a hell of a lot better than mind blast in terms of damage/mana.

    also, personally, even though you are a healer, i thoroughly regret not leveling up first aid, given the high mana cost of sform during regular wow (in bc/northrend with wrath, mana is much less of an issue while leveling)

    most of this is pre-spirit nerf, though to be fair, i never really went for spirit gear anyways, favoring int or sp gear while leveling

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    Re: Post 3.1 Leveling.

    Spirit Tap + Spirit Gear

    Of the Whale, Of the Owl

    3/3 Spirit Tap
    5/5 Holy spec
    2/2 Darkness
    3/3 Shadow Focus

    Once i get to MF i'll probably respec for more points in shadow.

    Untill i got Holy Fire

    Holyfire-MB-Devouring Plague

    You can choose to Bubble for each pull or heal after 3 or 4 mobs

    Only oom if you try and kill several mobs at once.


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    Re: Post 3.1 Leveling.

    You will probably have to wand a lot on the lower levels. It will get better though, especially as shadow with spirit tap. It's not a class you easily power level up, that's for sure, but ones you're 80 you won't regret it =)
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    Re: Post 3.1 Leveling.

    Keep at it, level up your priest.

    Even more so after 3.1 went live.

    Now you can dual spec, Shadow/Holy or Shadow/Disc or Even Disc/Holy (if you really want to)

    But the versitality of priests just got amplified immensely (sorry spelling)

    Ill admit the initial grind up to about mid 20s is tough, i remember almost re rolling, but since I was already re rolling, i decided to stick with it.

    Yes and get a good wand, the best you can asap. Learn early on, how to burn down mobs, while being as mana effiecent as possible, Trust me it willl save you countless hours.

    Whatever your build, test out new rotations, Check out EJ website for good ones.

    But by the time your nearing Outlands, you should be easily blowing thru mobs with ease and damn fast too.

    Make surwe to also learn you "Evac" spells too, Even thou I pve more than pvp, its always good to know how to get out of somewhere without dying.

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