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Thread: Give or take?

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    Give or take?

    I was in an ICC10 PuG as a Paladin Tank. When we finished Marrowgar, Citadel Enforcer's Claymore dropped. The Master Looter said Roll MS for Citadel Enforcer's Claymore, but only the Warrior Tank rolled for it. I said "dude, it's MS roll you are a tank and i have an OS DPS spec". He said "my main spec is Fury so i need it for DPS". I then rolled for the sword too, won the roll and the Master Looter gave it to me. Warrior started bitching at me how his Main Spec is Fury but he is tanking just because we needed a tank. So I ask you all wise people, is the sword rightfully mine?
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    Re: Give or take?

    Feel free to post and ask in the raid experiences thread (linked in the useful threads sticky).


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