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    Stop being a clicker


    I'm a clicker. I'm a hopeless clicker.

    I use some keys like 1,2 for the most primary attacks. This have worked so-so for me in pve but awful in pvp.

    My goal is to learn how to use the keys. I assume most ppl use 1-0 and some other combos.

    What I'm looking for is a lil tip from some helpful person that might have gone through this transition themselves.

    Is there addons that might help? Any smart way of binding keys? Anything?
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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    Make your bindings yourself. Make it the way you feel the most comfortable.
    If you're using arrows to move, try to use wasd or esdf keys instead of them so that you have easy access to keys 1-0 and all the buttons around it.
    That sould improve your reactivity.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    If you use mouse + WASD to move, then i'd suggest you to use: 1,2,3,4,q,e,z,x,c to this add the alt/shift modifier, plus mouse skills (i use CDs on Mousebutton 4-5).

    The usage of some macros is also a must in pvp (mouseover skills and so on).

    That's the most common setup, yet is not said that it'll work for you.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    1-6 ( In some cases 1-5 , depends on your fingers) , anything after that and you're gimping yourself with the movement.
    Remove turn left and right from A/D , replace them by strafe left/right. This nets you 2 extra keybindings + makes sure you can't keyboard turn.

    What I use at the moment is :

    1-6 with shift and alt modifiers. Control 1-6 for auras (Paladin)
    q,e,r,t,§,z,x,c,v,f,g, with shift and control modifiers
    Numpad for buffs
    f1-f12 for gear swapping / opening profession tabs
    Mouse sidebuttons but most people don't have these

    Personally speaking I started off as a clicker and a keyboard turner way back when the game was released , then around 1 year later I started using 1-6 , but didn't find it to be enough so I slowly started using modifier keys (Shift / Control / Alt) , starting off with Shift 1-6 and slowly adding more.

    you could also hide your keybindings which is what I do , although just for the looks but that really makes sure that you have to remember them.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    Depending on your keyboard, ALT + # can be pretty annoying to use.

    Shift or Control works best for me.

    I Use 1-5

    And that's about it.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    As others have mentioned, it's probably best for you to figure out your own keybindings, but I'll try to offer some of the things that I thought about when I most recently re-did my own keybinds, and perhaps it will help:

    Decide which abilities need bindings. Try to figure out which abilities you need keybound (i.e. how _important_ are they?) and how often you use them (are they on 30 minute cooldowns? or do you spam them as often as you can?)

    Figure out which keys you can reach. I use WASD to move. W/S to move forward and back, A/D to strafe left and right. The mouse is there if I need to turn. From there, given my hands, I can comfortably reach `, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, q, e, r, f, x, c, v, t, y, g. I can also use alt, ctrl and shift as modifiers for each of them. You may be able to reach more or fewer keys.

    Decide which keys are _most_ comfortable to reach. For me these are 1-6, q, e, r, f, x. These keys get abilities that I use often. While I can hit the other keys I mentioned relatively easily, if I'm going to be spamming a button for 80% of a fight, I want it to be one of the easier keys. If I'm going to use an ability with a minute or so cooldown, I can reach across to t, y, g for it.

    Don't forget your mouse. I know some people go crazy with binding abilities to mouse buttons, and that's probably great if you have the mouse. I only use middle mouse button and one side mouse button (plus shift+modifiers), but that already helps a lot.

    Decide which modifiers are easier to hit. When I most recently looked again at my keybindings, I decided I wanted a unified alt+<key> to mean self-cast and ctrl+<key> to be a focus cast. Your own needs may vary. I also find it far easier to alt+key and ctrl+key than shift+key, so shift+key combinations tend to be things like buffs, mounting, and stuff. (Also, I have my capslock remapped to ctrl. i.e. my "ctrl" is just below my tab key, which is a vastly easier (for me) place than in the bottom-left of the keyboard--I just can't reach it there).

    Consider using help/harm macros to free up some keys (if applicable). As an example, my keys 1-6 all do something different depending on whether my target is friendly or not. 1 is smite if an enemy, flash heal if a friend. 2 is mind blast / binding heal. 3 is mana burn / greater heal. etc.

    That's about all I can think of at the moment. Hope that helps. (c:

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    i clicked for 2 years, thought i was pretty pro, then learned keybindings, and let me tell u i sucked hardcore for the first 2 years.

    but anyways, all i did was add one or two new keybindings at a time, all right around the awds you move with. i made c my primary attack which some ppl think is really wierd but its easy for me i just drop my index finger down, i put pvp trinket on x so its directly below and super fast to hit, other common attacks on 1 2 3 etc. i put things that u have to be able to do on the run or like that little jump, flip around cast spell, flip back around keep running without losing any speed thing, on my q and e buttons, because they are really easy to hit while still moving around with awds.

    eventually i filled up every key that was close to my left hand, so i started using a shift function on all my existing key bindings, so i doubled my number of keys. Im kinda dreading it but I think soon i might even have to go to control function ughh.

    but yea just add 1 or 2 and get used to them, then add more. eventually u cant add keys for abilities fast enough.

    w/e u do dont give up and go back to clicking. when u stick it through and get this shit down, ull be glad u did.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    W/e you do, dont try to keybind everythign, start with your most used abilities, pick a few of them. Bind them, go some BG, play it out, see how it works out for you, try some different ones if you're not comfortable and slowly add more with time. Dont rush it, even with a few keybinds your reaction time will improve, a LOT. Just take some time getting used to it. And once again, dont keybind everything at once, since you'll probably get a bit confused/lost and will want to go back to clicking:P

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    Thank you all for taking your time to reply. A lot of good stuff here which I will try out ASAP
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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    Just as an example of some keybinds I use in PvP:

    1: Hamstring
    2: Mortal strike
    3: rend
    4: Overpower
    5: execute
    S1: charge
    S2: Intercept
    S~: Bladestorm
    SQ: Berzerkers Rage (CD)
    SE: AP Trinket
    SG: PvP trinket
    SZ: Battle stance
    SX: Defensive Stance
    SC: Berzerker stance
    T: Spell reflect macro
    R: Pummel Macro
    G: 2H Sword
    V: Sword/Shield

    Just an example, not all the CD's I use but the main ones.

    The main thing I like to do is have your most used stuff 1-5. This is stuff that you need to spam such as your main attack, a snare, ect. I then (personally) like having SQ/SE/SZ/SX/SC/SF/SG/SR all as different cooldowns and situational abilities. While I do have a few abilities without a shift modifier (Like T/R/G/V) those aren't things that if I accidently hit will screw me up. Also I personally use Q/E to strafe (I find it easier to strafe while spamming my "2" than strafing with AD and having to reach up there. And, no, I don't keyboard turn).

    Of course all of this is just finding out what is comfortable for you in the end. And whatever you do just stick with it.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    Tankspot has a really nice key binding guide you can try out!

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    As everyone has said - it all depends on your playstyle. I personally play on a laptop, and always have, so I rarely use a mouse (yup...keyboard turning rogue here). Anyway, I have ALL my abilities bound, and I never click anything except mounts/quest items/etc.

    I would say just set up the key bindings how you think you might want them, and start practicing. You'll learn which abilities you want to be able to get to at certain moments and move them accordingly. After using them for a while, you'll find that you can get to the keys alot easier than you do now. I've gotten to where I can get to any number 1-0 (well, - and = too I guess) without thinking, just because that's how I've always played.

    I also use Shift+# for some things not on 1-0, and I also use all my non letter keys on the right side of the keyboard b/c I use my left hand to turn ([ ] \ ; ' , . /). My binds wouldn't work for most people, my friends always make fun of them, but that's my point - find out what works for you.
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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    Best thing to do, if you're wanting to switch but not suck monkey cock whilst doing so, is bind things to whatever you want, but also click if/when you're in panic mode.

    Personally, as a rogue, I have:
    1 and 3 = Sinister Strike
    2 = evisc
    4 = snd
    5 = gouge
    6 = kick
    7 = Deadly throw
    8 = Throw
    q = dismantle
    e = trinket (when in pvp)
    r = vanish
    t = stealth
    f1 = rupture
    f4 = tott macro
    f2 and f3 = Feigh
    v = blade flurry
    b = shiv
    n = adrenaline rush
    g = blind
    h = evasion
    ` = flying mount
    shift + ` = mount

    then random shit like bandage and food, blah blah as 9, 0, -, =.

    Works fine for me Though I've had almost the same buttons since I started playing in 2004.

    Party on, Wayne.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    Get yourself one of these;

    Seriously, without it, i don't know if i'd be able to play effectively.
    The page there says it's like £50 GBP, but it's actually a lot less these days. Think mine cost about £25 GBP or so, and that was bought a few days before patch 3.0 was released on live.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    I myself use the arrows and mouse to move. I use my numlock numbers as bindings, right ctrl for vent and the 6 key on top of the arrows (insert, delete, end, page up, page down) as other bindings. Now i got teh wow mouse too so i get an other 15 bindings. It was a bit hard not to mix them for a bit but within a week you get used to them and can react fo much faster.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    I play with ESDF for movement since it allows a few more buttons to be easier to press, although some might feel this combination puts shift, alt and ctrl in awkward positions but I'm accustomed to it. As a feral druid my keys for cat form are as follows:

    (Finnish keyboard layout)
    3 = Cyclone
    Q = Tiger's Fury
    W = Maim
    R = Faerie Fire
    T = Swipe
    Y = Ferocious Bite
    A = Rip
    G = Rake
    H = Mount up/down on land mount
    < = Quick shift+stealth macro
    Z = Savage Roar
    V = PVP Trinket
    B= unused atm
    N = Survival Instincts

    On the mouse I have 6 buttons for abilites in addition to the normal mouse1/2 assignments.

    MOUSE3 = Charge
    MOUSE4 = Mangle
    MOUSE5 = Shred
    Scroll down button thingy = Shadowmeld
    Scroll up button thingy = Cower

    The mouse wheel is used for targeting, with SHIFT it zooms camera in / out.

    In addition I use some button combinations such as:

    SHIFT+MOUSE3 = Hibernate
    SHIFT+MOUSE5 = Dash
    SHIFT+MOUSE4 = Nature's Grasp
    SHIFT+Scroll Down button thingy = Bear Form
    CTRL+MOUSE3 = Drums of Panic
    CTRL+MOUSE4 = Barkskin
    CTRL+MOUSE5 = Berserk
    ALT+MOUSE3 = Innervate
    ALT+MOUSE4 = Mark of the Wild
    ALT+MOUSE5 = Thorns


    I think that's most of them, in caster and bear forms many buttons naturally change function. This key configuration feels pretty comfortable for me and I don't feel like I really need to reach for any button. I'm actually gonna copy this info into a file in case I forget all of these sometime. :P

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    Quote Originally Posted by Neba
    I play with ESDF for movement since it allows a few more buttons to be easier to press, although some might feel this combination puts shift, alt and ctrl in awkward positions but I'm accustomed to it. As a feral druid my keys for cat form are as follows:
    Mmmm that got me thinking...

    But on the otherhand is it worth relearning after ooo I dont know 8 years of AWSD
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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    1 - Holy Frisbee
    2 - Holy shield
    3 - Consecrate

    I have these bound to all keys at random, my mouse buttons and I several pieces of nearby furniture so I can continue to play my Paladin while eating dinner in a nearby room.
    Paladin Bash has spoken.

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    1-7 for important buttons, shift1-7 for less important/defensive cooldowns
    r, f, v for primary attacks
    q for the class's 'special' (as a DK I use it for DG, as a Disc priest I use it for PS)
    z for interrupts

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    Re: Stop being a clicker

    As others have said, only do a few more binds at a time, if you give yourself too much to learn and have the icon somewhere that's clickable on your hotbar, you will often turn to clicking it. One thing I've noticed is on my newer characters I have some abilities that are only bound, whereas on my Paladin I had some abilities in two places, one bound and one clickable. It's best to delete the clickable icons while learning a few new keys at a time. I'd say for you get `-4 down first, then you can start messing around with shift macros. They're easy: /cast [mod:Shift] Sacred Shield /cast Flash of Light, for example. Put that on 2 and 2 gives you Flash of Light, Shift-2 gives you Sacred Shield. You can go further than that but I find that to be sufficient.

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