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    pvp shadow with crit or spirit?

    Ok so i play currently in the 2k area with the combo shadow priest rogue. Against healer dps comps i have noticed i end up spending more time healing and dispelling to keep my rogue alive able to to stay on healers, this has made me go oom too fast in most games.

    So my question to the pvp shadow priest community is do you think spirit is actually a better stat to get than crit?

    Remember spirit give some regen and does gives some spell power bonuses.
    Crit on the other hand is nice to have but doesn't seem to proc a lot especially in higher brackets due to ppl stacking res...

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    Re: pvp shadow with crit or spirit?

    I would try to battleground some spirit gear and try it out and see if the change is any good.
    However, if you are a healer and you meet a team with a disco priest it will be a hard time for you since discopriests have quite high survivalbility now and heals for lower costs.
    The mana issue seems to be a problem both as shadow and disco though...
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    Re: pvp shadow with crit or spirit?

    English clusterfuck above has been deciphered and i play the same comp but from a rogues perspective.

    my priest has roughly 25% crit unbuffed and vs some teams yes.. i do need a heal or 2 sometimes but really when you get into a situation were you're healing as shadow its usually a loss by then. your rogue needs to stop tunnel visioning and you need to set up some fear-> sap setups. question being do you play horde or alliance? is your rogue in pve gear or pvp gear?

    you have a lot of control and burst with your comp much like rogue mage but with a bit more work. you need to work out some cc trains like sap> fear > blind> physic horror. stuff like that the games cant last to long or you're gonna run oom and fall behind on damage were a true healer dps comp will pull ahead and rape you.

    also for a bit of strat help what comps give you the most trouble?

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    Re: pvp shadow with crit or spirit?

    I play twin-geared 3pieces shadow-2healers to have proper regen and i have about 15%crit(20% with talents and all other gear is crit based).Anyway lately i've seen many crits happen (espesially dots).But on the other hand if i play full shadow gear resi will fall,and regen will fall too...in some matches the extra regen from spirit geared seemed to work in my advantage though...

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    Re: pvp shadow with crit or spirit?

    i just started to make arena yesterday. I am playing with a retpal, and i have a problem with my mana... I go OOM really fast. My fiend and dispersion help a little, but i still go oom really fast after...

    wonder if it can be a good combo, honestly, im pretty noob in arenas! this is the first season since a long time that shadow priests can expect to survive more then 8 secondes :P

    Do we need Meditation in our pvp build?

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