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    Re: Think Discipline is gonna be nerfed soonish?

    There is no suggestion of a nerf to reflective shield, the suggestion is that reactive damage such as thorns which are higher against fast hitting melee need to be toned down. Reflective shields are intrinsically balanced as they're based on damage dealt, so they're not part of the problem.

    I haven't raided on my priest in 3.1 but I'm pretty sure I read a thread where somebody reported that shields popping simultaneously avoided the CD on mana return from rapture. If that's the case I'd definitely expect a fix to hit there, but a bugfix ain't a nerf!

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    Re: Think Discipline is gonna be nerfed soonish?

    in respect to the whole reflective shield, thorns, ret aura, etc issue about rogues and other fast attacking classes....

    A shield is temporary but goes away, so a rogue could just choose to not attack and re-stealth. With the other abilities, maybe thorns needs a charge count like inner fire, and ret aura may need to be changed, or tweaked in some way.

    God forbid rogues had 'some' kind of ability they couldn't avoid. (cloak for spells, evasion for melee) maybe they should just have a cool down for 5 seconds of invulnerability where they can do max damage.

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    Re: Think Discipline is gonna be nerfed soonish?

    I have gone wild on the total healing done charts as Disc, this combined with the damage reduction and shielding smells like a nerf coming. I think a mana regen or spell cost for holy would be something better for blizzard to look at.

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    Re: Think Discipline is gonna be nerfed soonish?

    Quote Originally Posted by Swedishcow123
    Disc the raid healer, who would have known?
    I haven't read the whole topic, but I just wanted to quote this for truth - Disc is a really really good choice for a fight like Mimiron. Conc Aura + Healing Focus + PW:S + PoH = pure freakin' win, what Disc does at certain encounters is simply great.

    And best of all, it's incredibly fun to play in PvE.

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    Re: Think Discipline is gonna be nerfed soonish?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dominada
    Out of all the healers someone has to be the best, even if it is by a fine margin. Fact of the matter is even with 24k HP and 962 resilience healing in 5s last night in the 0-300+ range I was flying by the seat of my pants, sometimes barely saving myself. If I never dropped below 50% in battles and had near infinite mana we would be the holy paladins of season 6. However melee can still tear us up pretty bad, and we are VERY vulnerable to CC chains.
    There are multiple things besides just healing that healers do, CC, burst, etc. The problem is now all of the healers have all of the other things, so someone is just going to be best at it all.

    Differentiate the healers so you might want one for one team and another for a different team and there's no problem.

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    Re: Think Discipline is gonna be nerfed soonish?

    I'm just worried how the encanters absorption is going to be nerfed with all this AoE and shielding going on to arcane mages, that almost a constant like 700 spell power right? lol

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    Re: Think Discipline is gonna be nerfed soonish?

    The Priest ability Soul Warding now only reduces the mana cost of Power Word: Shield by 15% instead of 30%. The tooltip for this spell will be updated at a later date.
    I thought I felt that incoming. It's a small thing but wouldn't it be nice if they'd stop nerfing things by 50%. Seems like a standard nerd %, and always feels like too much. Hell, psychologically 49.99% would feel better than 50%. HotW? 50%. SotF? 50%. Soul Warding? 50%! Magical Barrier? 50%!

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