With the recent dualspec i finally decided i'd give PvP a go as PvE disc. Im normally holy specced for raids but now i have the option to raid as disc aswell.
My question is how to play disc in pvp, it may sound noobish but i never played that spec. What im looking for is some sort of priority of spells. I play with an arms warrior in 2v2 and we dont seem to win that many games, mostly because we are facing two dps. Our gear is allright i think, we both have 700 resilience and i have 2k spellpower and 22% crit.
Here is a situation. Arena starts and we walk in, i have both of us shielded and a PoM on myself and usually also a renew. I get attacked, stunned etc. Now what do i do? do i pop my trinket and then pain supression and then power infusion, penance or shield if i can?
Guess my main question is what do i do when i get out of the stun? do i use 2 GCD's on shield and pain supression or what should i do? im not that good at explaining but i hope you guys understand.
And yes i do fail big time at pvp and my spec is PvE so i dont have reflective shield, mana burn or unbreakable will.