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    JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    Hi there,

    I'm actually Mining/Herb and I'm raiding very often, so I started to consider leveling JC+Enchanting on my main char and Herb/Mining on my alt.

    My question is pretty simple, would a combo like those - Mining/Herb to farm mats and JC/Enchanting to prospect and DE all rings/necks I make from the Eternal Shadow/Earth and Bloodstones/Chaceldony - worth it (if we are talking about making gold)?

    In my server, Infinite Dust goes around 4.5g,Greater Cosmic Essence 12-15g and Lesser Cosmic Essence 5-7g. Red gems sits around 65-75g, Blues 10g, Orange 25-30, yellow 20g.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the english.

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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    Mining/herb makes more money.

    But a main should NEVER have a gathering prof. Impo.
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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    I'm almost finishing up levleing my alt. The point here is the amount of money I would need to level those profs.

    Herb isn't paying of anymore, I can barely reach 350-400g/hr while before I could easily go 700-800g/hr.

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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    I have both and the stat bonuses are what makes it worth it, took me about 2,5k gold to powerlevel JC and I've had Enchanting since release.
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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    I'm probably not be powerleveling as I'm leveling first my alts gathering professions, specially mining so I plan to save all the mats I can get (I'm also following http://www.wow-professions.com/wowgu...ing_guide.html to base myself on the amount of mats I would need).

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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    I have 450 enchanting on my main char and it does not make much money for me.
    I also have 440 jewelcrafting on an alt and tried to make money with prospecting lately. Selling the prospected gems merely gave me back the money I had spent on Saronite ore.
    Jewelcrafting might have been more profitable for those who used it early in the expansion and / or those with a lot of recipes (the rewarding of which you only gain slowly by jewelcrafting daily quests).

    So, changing your professions to enchanting and jewelcrafting would most likely cost you much more than you can make up with them.

    However, as Lavindathar already said, taking production professions over gathering ones gives exclusive benefits for you raiding main char. That is what makes them attractive, not the money.

    PS: Powerleveling jewelcrafting 1-440 cost me about 3500-4000 gold gross and maybe 3000 gold net two months ago (did buy mats on the weekend, however. AH prices should be lower on weekdays.)

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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    enchanting is the worst to lvl.. its not cheep. you are looking at 2 to 3k gold.

    if i was you i woud go JC and BS or Insr or eaven alcy.

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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    raid-wise, gathering is worth near zero, while inscr / BS / enchant are a good boost (+64 SP for enchanting for example)

    money wise, selling DE items is the best IF you dont powerlevel enchanting

    I'm thinking myself of dropping mining (got JC) and taking enchanting, just wondering :

    - will there be new nodes to mine in 3.3?
    - can i level enchanting enough to DE 200 stuff by running solo runs to lowbie instances?
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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    JC is a must for me, It will give me new options to socket and worth 114eap. Im a rogue btw.

    I'm already leveling herb and mining on my alt, so I'm saving everything once I decide which other profession I would get. I can probably powerlevel JC with my gathered mats and reach 450 with around 1k spent right?

    Enchant on the other hand would cost me an insane amount of gold I believe. I could do stratholme runs to get a bunch of greens/blues anyway to help out right?

    As a JC I would go for the red gems recipes first and stam ones, so I can propesct all my gathered saronite and sell those red for 70g and stam for 20g.

    My real problem is the amount of gold needed. I'm struggling to reach the 7k needed to buy the mount for my alt, than I need to start thinking about the professions :/

    Just doing some quick math:
    Eternal Earth = 7g
    Bloodstone = 2g
    DE Would give me 2-3 Infinite Dust or 2-3 Lesses Cosmis Essence, so 2.5 each to make math simpler:
    2.5 x 4.5g for infinite dust = 11,25
    2,5 x 6 for lesser = 15g

    Icy Prism:
    Frozen Orb: 50g
    Gems: 15g
    One red gem would pay for it.

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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulbender
    - will there be new nodes to mine in 3.3?
    - No, why would there be that? There's never been implemented new nodes to mine after any expansion has come out.

    - can i level enchanting enough to DE 200 stuff by running solo runs to lowbie instances?
    - I am not sure I understood your question in the right way, but you definetly can, depends on your class and level. If you are level 80, which you probably are, you can easily solo instances enough to get mats to level enchanting up to around skill 375 or so. After that you begin on the WotLK instances, which isn't really worth it. Anyhow, running low level instances for enchanting mats really isn't worth it. I bet that you can earn money to buy the mats quicker by doing dailies or something, than you can farm the mats.
    Back on topic.

    There isn't really a straight answer to your question, it all depends on the prices of stuff on your servers AH. Enchanting is often worth it, because you can earn so much more money by normal green and blue drops. JC isn't really the best moneymaker anymore, as some other people have said earlier.

    But, you should definetly get rid of at least one of your gathering professions and take another non-gathering profession.

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    Re: JC+Enchanting, worth the money?

    Hi so i actually have a really good gold making tip for u. Level mining JC together and get to at least 375 to get to the rings that u get at level 70.. Then make another toon and level Enchanting to 375 to De any NR item. Theres 2 different JC rings both recipes are 2 crystalized earth and either 1 suncrystal or 1 bloodstone. farm the mats with your mining and then De them on the other toon and make 4x the profit you would with jsut selling the CE and gems. within an hr i made 1k gold with my own mats.
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