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    Disc PvP build.

    I haven't done any Discipline PvP since BC, and a friend recommended a build for me.

    Any thoughts? I feel like it passes up since nice talents but if this is solid, tell me.

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    Re: Disc PvP build.

    Yep thats pretty much the main pvp build, my is just like that excpet i dont have a point in InnerFocus, I put that point into grace so i have 2 points into grace. Other then that my build is the same. I just dont think Innerfocus is all the great, its mostly not always but mostly a one time use, while grace is always in use and having that extra point into grace would help make a difference. But thats just my opinion about Inner Focus. By the way what Glyphs are you using?

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    Re: Disc PvP build.

    You haven't taken the strongest part of Discipline, Divine Aegis? And you skipped Fortitude buff which increases stamina? IMO FAIL, but what do I know I play Druid XD

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    Re: Disc PvP build.

    Take out points in Enlightenment or Absolution to fill out Grace and Renewed Hope

    DA isn't that great

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    Re: Disc PvP build.

    Quote Originally Posted by Araz
    You haven't taken the strongest part of Discipline, Divine Aegis? And you skipped Fortitude buff which increases stamina? IMO FAIL, but what do I know I play Druid XD
    Classic example of people flaming when they have no idea how things really are. Divine Aegis is a waste of talent points assuming you are using the PvP gear (which I don't know how you'd stay alive otherwise, even with 900 resil I still feel the hits).

    The priest PvP gear in the game is currently bunk for doing much of anything. If you pick up the Mooncloth set you will be lacking enough crit to even proc DA with enough consistency to gain anything from it (meaning rapture too, which is the main mechanic that gives Disc its mana longevity). If you take the Silk set, you will have next to no mana regen while casting which will not make up for the small crit difference you will gain.

    Best option for Disc right now: pick up Rapture for the mana return off your shields and the few crits you will see, but skip DA - not worth the waste of talents.

    On a side note to the OP: Inner Focus is incredibly powerful in arena when you time it accordingly. Hit it before you sit down to drink (or pop your regen trinket should you happen to equip one) and not only will your next spell have a higher chance of critting but you'll gain an additional few seconds of OOC mana regen time, which can be a game breaker if its a mana war.

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    Re: Disc PvP build.

    Thanks to you three.

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    Re: Disc PvP build.

    This is what I run with on my priest. Works really good so far.

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    Re: Disc PvP build.

    Good spec, some things I dont like/do like and such but that's ofc taste.
    As chiro posted, inner focus is a really good spell and I allways pop it when I sit to drink to get that ekstra mana regen (even if I only cast a shield with it)

    Next, i'd drop enlightenment and take 4% stamina and fill grace/RH, cause these two talents just kick ass.

    DE, as explained, isn't worth taking anymore unless your play style is crit based, but then 5/5 in holy specialisation is a must, and my experience is, that it's not worth it.

    Yet again, we have the Divine Fury vs Spell warding issue...
    I think these 2 talents depends on what you're playing... if you're playing 2v2 with a hunter or rogue, then divine fury is a must have, cause the team depends on the priest burst damage.
    But if you play 3v3 your burst dmg aint that important and you can skip it for spell warding which is much more efficient in a 3v3 match... still, it's a matter of taste

    Imo glyphs are pretty obvious, penance, PW:S and (this is just my choice) Inner fire, I just love having 7k armor now vs melee, that's pure gold !
    Just my thoughts

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    Re: Disc PvP build.


    I was checking out Pvp Disc specs, but noticed that almost none is using Martyrdom. Why is this? Penance is channeled spell, Martyrdom should affect this, right?

    What do you think about this spec:

    I was trying to stack some of the talents that would benefit me when I'm hit/critted. Idea was not be damage doer, but mainly surviability and healing. Dmg would be put out, dps would not be main concern.

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    Re: Disc PvP build.

    Personally I am looking more at this spec
    The reason I chose martyrdon is that even with fake casting you can not always avoid the kick/counterspell/pummel/earthshock or what ever other interrupts there are. The 20% lowered lock out might just be what you need to survive. As a priest I noticed I tank a lot in arena and of course I get crit from time to time but even thou the duration from martytdon is only 6 sec it is up most of the time. So you really notice the difference (also got 100% pushback reduction during the uptime next to the lowered interrupt duration) when you got a rogue on you for example.

    The rest is pretty standard. But you only have 2 points for Absolution but if you wanted you could move one point from improved flash heal to it.

    And if you want you could change the pain suppression glyph with a PW:S glyph but I personally prefer this one. All info you need for tanking as a cleric and more
    Cleric tanking: Justicar guide | Justicar spreadsheet and item list
    Defence is as much a part of war as offence, the shield as important a tool as the sword.

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