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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elanale
    I am not qualified to speak on the other nerfs- I'm fairly knowledgeable about PvP, but since I don't play a Priest or partner with one I can't predict how mana efficiency nerfs will play out- but if anything I'm surprised Mana Burn lasted as long as it did in its outdated form. Y'know, after the Viper Sting nerf. All I'm saying is everyone should've seen that one coming a mile away.
    Priests have the crappiest mana efficiency/regeneration of all four PvP healers. Basically, we need Mana Burn, because in an all-out efficiency battle, we OOM while Shamans, Druids, and Paladins still have over 50% of their mana bars.

    And like other people stated, only really bad players get OOM'd fast. In fact, it's pretty much impossible to OOM a Resto Druid. Resto Shamans are also pretty hard to OOM, due to Water Shield.
    The only class I actually bother Mana Burning is Paladins, since once they're OOM, they can't cast a heal; in the case of Resto Druids and Resto Shamans, they can still pretty much cast heals if you aren't chain casting Mana Burn on them after they're OOM.

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon
    Durrr, i are standing out in teh open and u mana buurn me and my mana go awai! NERF NERF NERF!
    Too many f'in idiots crying about mana burn. I agree with you Abandon... if only the dumbasses who QQ'd about mana burn, stating that it's the most OP shit ever, simply learned how to actually position themselves in arenas, maybe we wouldn't be getting shit on so much. Hey blizz... I love how you were so quick to nerf priests, even though we were nothing compared to Hpally DK/hunter last season. That's fine... pallies cry the most about anything anyways. LOL I'MA PALLY AND I STAND STILL WHILE GETTING BURNED....I'M STILL 2500 THOUGH. God forbid we got back to the later TBC seasons where in order to win you actually had to know positioning.

    Since everyone else did it to mana burn... lets go ahead and nerf everything i don't like about other classes that beat me. Nerf every MS in the game to where it's useless. Nerf every CC in the game that makes me lose. Buff my mana regen so I never go oom. Oh and give me a spell that will let me be Invulnerable for 10 seconds or so. KK go blizz! See what i did there? It worked with priest spells, lets see everyone else get F'd after 2 weeks of being able to be top dog.

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    Quote Originally Posted by idpersona
    Sorry guise,the LALA MANABURN LALA I CANT DIE LALA DIVINE HYMN shit that plagued arenas for the last 2 weeks had to stop.

    Big cheers for Blizzard's new hotfixy and proactive balance team.
    you deserve a 1200rating for this comment. if you can´t los a manaburn or interrupt a CHANNELED heal then l2p

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    i'm interested in what the other classes will whine next about priests. mana burn has been their prime topic for the past year or so, now that they got their wish, what's next? ???

    lol at the guy who think hymns are op in arena, please go kick yourself in the face.

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    And another nerf topic, and another nerf topic........

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    At least state all the nerfs, with a reason because you thought they are not supposed to be nerfed because they were working as intended, since it seems, untill now, that quite a lot of Priest healers ain't considering these one that much of a fix or slight nerf.
    1) Manaburn consumes 10% mana down form 13%. Somewhat realistic nerf since other mana burns were nerfed in previous patches. But seriously if you just stand there and let a priest manaburn you, then you have little to QQ about since its YOUR fault.

    2) Manaburn causes fear, hex, and psychic scream to break early when used. Unwarranted nerf since about the only time you can get chain manaburns on good players is during fear.

    3) Blind now shares dr with fear. Only affects priest/rogue, but its a pretty hefty nerf to those teams since coordinated cc is a major roll in their success.

    4) Soul warding now only reduces mana cost of PW:S by 15% down form 30%. Unwarranted since priests have the worst mana regen of all healers in PvP. It's not game breaking but along with the numerous other nerfs it feels worse.

    5) Divine Hymn..... Very reasonable PvE nerf, but wtf if you let a priest channel this in arena you fail. Any PvP QQ about this spell should be instantly followed by a banned account.

    6) Glyph of mass dispel reduces mana cost by 35% down form 50%. Honestly I don't know anyone who has this glyph but now the few people who did will probably drop it.

    7) Glyph of Penance now adds 5% crit instead of reducing cooldown by 2 (1.6) seconds. Bullshit nerf and the worst of all nerfs imo. Penance is the staple healing spell in both PvP and PvE now for disc which has a 10 second base cooldown. For those who don't know the 2 second cooldown on the glyph was pre-talents and therefore a priest was only able to get it down to 6.4 seconds instead of the perceived 6 seconds with glyph and talents. Not to mention I blew 150g on the damn glyph and it will be worthless.

    ;D Yay we got a Buff!!!! Renewed hope is no longer dispellable.

    And now for the QQ. S5 everyone said don't nerf damage just get more resilience. Well I said OK Ill stock up on gear and wait for next season. Well here comes S6 and I'm doing very well, but now the shoe is on the other foot and other players cant take what they dish out. Now its nerf priest they are so OP QQ I can't kill them in a cheap shot and actually have to try and interrupt them QQ. ZOMG I'm just standing in the middle of the arena and a priest manaburns me, nerf manaburn I can't win with them having this OP spell. Priest now have the most imba arena spell that heals everyone within range and there's no way to stop it idno what to do.

    Seriously some of the nerf were warranted, but whats bullshit is it only takes a few weeks to nerf priests when other classes get whole arena seasons when they are on top. This just confirms the fact that nobody with any power to change anything at Blizzard plays a priest. How hard was it to test out the numbers with DH? It would have taken all of a few hours probably, but yet they failed to do so. I have never played on a PTR but I imagine that balancing PvP is more ambiguous on PTR than on live. But even if that's is the case then they should start doing it on PTR to save the haste that is right now.

    Priests be prepared for reflective shield nerf. I have a feeling its next (Bliz has already hinted at it).

    And to the non priests who are in this thread: if your class had 7 nerfs coming your way you would be pissed to.

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    lets just laugh at shamans...that will make it all better >.>

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    Quote Originally Posted by fr0hzn
    Everything I could read here the last few days was
    "(Priest Spell XY) nerfed from (X) to (Y)."
    And I didn't even mentionned the Glyph nerfs.

    Why does it always hurt us?
    Why can't we just stay at the end of the food chain for some days?

    Do they nerf us because some priests finally managed to get a good team in PvP (Rogue / Disc)?
    Or is it the fact that Ghostcrawler loves the priests sweet tears?

    I don't get it.
    Seems pretty weak.

    But I wont give my priest up.

    sorry ... couldn't resist.

    Whats your opinion?
    Do we deserve the nerfs?
    Priest appears alphabetically after Paladin
    Rogue should be next

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Panttz
    Nerfed to the ground.

    And you deserved every bit of it.

    ooming a pally in 15 seconds is not balanced
    Yes, because bubble and facerolling a priest is balanced...or any clothy for that matter. :|

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    Second it.
    If I was a Blizz server technician, I'd hijack a server and use it to download porn 24/7. Guess why the instance servers always are full B]

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grayswandir
    Yes, because bubble and facerolling a priest is balanced...or any clothy for that matter. :|
    - Level a Paladin to 80
    - Get him full PvP gear and BiS weapon
    - Queue into a BG or Arena
    - Find a Disc Priest
    - Attempt 'faceroll'
    - Come back here and delete your post.

    I wish you could do that, but since that would take a lot of work, trust me when I say it that no Paladin is facerolling any decently geared/played Disc Priest.

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    The poster has the spirit!!! I was a person during s5 standing in middle of wsg screaming nerf me mooooaar!!!! while i had an insane score.Really i don t understand whats up with these nerfs.There is ALWAYS a way to get off those changes and play like nothing is happening.If u can respect and love ur char really...u can t see the nerfs...what is usseless and whats op...its mostly on ppls mind.I m not the person that plays for rating or to make a name for myself...i play when i want to..and if i wanna give it my all theres nothing actuall can stop it.That can t be nerfed.The players behind the character is the key.Why ppl keep screaming of nerfs and things lke those,while the key is put ur mind in use and find the "windows" of the rule.I think thats nerf with the fear/blind is an answer to priest MUST go with rogue in arena.Try other combos,try other solution.And as priest that for so many time i had not have CC capabilities,and i was in the mercy of CC,i m somewhat happy about it.And as Shadow i really like that DS can t fear me and mana burn me to hell...Also about other nerfs...*caugh* DS can pick 2 different talents that can reduce his cd in penance...its to lol to have 1 of the best heals in the game in 5sec i m shadow and if i can fear when i m low hp...i push the button and lol, i m full,along with my party(pvp option).And mana burn...its % of tgts mana.with the increase of the mana pool,its doing the same job.

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    Re: Lets nerf it.

    I guess sentences are for nerds.

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