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    Resilience question.

    So whats a good starting resilience for priest in arena...just starting for arena. Right now I have 347, is that good enough to start arena?

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    Re: Resilience question.

    I started with 60 so your resilience is good enough but you wont get far to 1000-1300 an then u are going get pwnd by serious crits... I have 660 atm and i am stuck with a rogue at 1650...
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    Re: Resilience question.

    There is no minimum, since experience at low resilience will help you learn how to play defensively, but I recommend shooting for 800+. It will be frustrating until you get to at least 600.

    Here is a custom search of BoE PvP gear that you can use to jump-start your PvP set [wowhead] http://bit.ly/6ql9P

    Also, check out the Wintergrasp Vendor, they have AWESOME ilvl 200 and 213 trinkets, belts, hoods, and boots available for purchase with WG marks. You can easily hit 1k resilience w/o spending a single arena point.

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    Re: Resilience question.

    I think 700-800 is really when it becomes effective or should I say when I noticed a difference.

    I have plate and I have about 700-800 resiliance (depending on trinket), but when I had 500-600 it really wasn't noticeable.

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    Re: Resilience question.

    well i dont think i want to wait til i have 700-800 resil to start arena, i can at least get arena points before having 700-800 resil. Truth is i have already started arena and i've booted two rogues off my 2v2 team and now i got a new rogue and now my rating is shooting up cause he's much better then my last two partners. Only problem is he has 0 pvp gear and is naxed geared but at least he is pvp speced unlike one of my last rogue partnes who not only wasent pvp speced but was full of blues and green gear.

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    Re: Resilience question.

    Less than 500 resilience will result in you bashing your head against a wall while pretty much every melee DPS class burns you from 100% to 0 before Pain Suppression wears off.

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