View Poll Results: What class is your main character?

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  • Death Knight

    27 7.38%
  • Druid

    37 10.11%
  • Hunter

    29 7.92%
  • Paladin

    73 19.95%
  • Priest

    30 8.20%
  • Rogue

    24 6.56%
  • Shaman

    55 15.03%
  • Warlock

    17 4.64%
  • Warrior

    48 13.11%
  • Mage

    26 7.10%
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    Re: What is your main char?

    i choose a paladin because BC just came out and i was a noob and wanted to be a belf warrior

    when i found out i couldn't i decided to play a paladin which is kind of close to a warrior i thought

    stuck with it ever since and really enjoy dps'ing and healing

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    Why on earth should these new classes have DKs? Don't we have enough classes that can roll DKs already?

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Why on Earth are there so many Paladins on this fansite!? Seriously there actually is more Paladins than any other class here! Why did you guys choose a Paladin over a Warrior? Pansiest class over manliest class?

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    Re: What is your main char?

    First char I ever leveled was my warrior, still play him as my PvP character now. After that I played around with a few alts but never liked any other class until I leveled a druid. Currently playing feral tank druid (some times dps but rarely).

    I chose warrior in the first place becuase I had no idea about the game and it was the first person that popped on my screen when i clicked Create Character... Yes, he's human

    After I got used to the game, been max level for a while I became bored and leveled the druid which I fell in love with.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    I've played a rogue since I've started playing this game a few months before TBC came out. I've just always liked the thought of being a ninja. :3

    I think I stuck with the class because of a rogue movie I watched by Kenion, which led me to watch Tosan's. These two filmmakers helped me realize how competitive I could be as a rogue, so I wanted to be one of the best.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    shadow priest, my first char i got to lvl 70 and started raiding on (didn't play until bc was out), I've spent so much time on it, that i doubt i'll ever change main. been tired off it sometimes but thats what alts are for

    what made me choose priest? one word: Shadowform. I remember when i got my first talent and saw what was deeper down in the shadow tree and decided i had to get that.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Played a warlock and alt warrior in BC. Took time off and restarted in February with a shaman. Lovin it.
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    Re: What is your main char?

    Vanilla - Druid.

    TBC - Shaman

    WoTLK - Death Knight.

    I originally rolled a Druid because I liked the idea of changing forms.
    Then I was in Warsong Gulch and got absolutely destroyed by an Enhance Shaman.
    Rerolled a Shaman for The Burning Crusade. Loved the burst damage and the DPS in raids but I couldn't do anything in PvP.
    Once Wrath came out I rolled a Death Knight for my Guild and I'm loving it. The only thing that turns me off the class is the amount of scrubs that made it to 80 and have no idea what they're doing, makes us look bad.
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    Re: What is your main char?

    My main char is and will always be warrior.
    Why it became warrior was because at first I wanted to play a hunter (Legolas lolz >_>) but my friend told me ppl hated them, so I took warrior instead, thanks for that...

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    Re: What is your main char?

    My main throughout vanilla and BC was a druid, just different specs.

    Started out balance, then changed to feral when I was at 70 in the starting raids.
    Toward the middle, like SSC and TK, I went resto.

    I've loved resto the most, and wish I still had my druid, however the account was perma banned, so I play a DK on my friends account.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    I started the Book of Faces moving
    Was involved in the RP Invasion

    /Brofisting Vol'Jin

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Early BC: Paladin
    Pre Sunwell: Priest
    Pre wotlk: Rogue
    Wotlk: Paladin(not the same as first one)

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    Re: What is your main char?

    i play a DK and i love it... yeah u get a lot o shit cause ppl think ur a scrub for bein 1 as a main... i used to have a war and still do, and hav it up to 80, but wen wars got nuke nurffed i tried a DK, and said to myself "the REAL warrior class"

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    Re: What is your main char?

    My rogue was the first character I made when I got the game. It was a couple months after BC came out. I kinda feel obligated to keep him as my main :P I do however have a prot warrior alt at 80 and tanking with him's a blast.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Death Knight..

    They can be tanks, have a fun playstyle, and they're cool(lololol).

    I seriously don't care if I'm "op" in PvP, cause I almost exclusively PvE these days, I do play some WSG every now and then, because I LOVE capture the flag.

    I decided to become a DK way before any information was out, a lorewise discision then.
    Now it's a combination of fun to play, and said lore.

    It's frustrating sometimes because scrubs are all around, and guilds barely want me because they "already have too much DKs".

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Quote Originally Posted by Draknoth
    Been playing my warrior for years, and have never leveled an alt past 30.
    Same with me

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Played a warlock through all pre-BC and the first 3-4 months BC. Then rerolled a warrior on my brother's server, abandoned my lock, and played the warrior for the rest of BC and the first couple months of WotLK. At that point me and my friends rerolled and I made a priest, but I got bored and came back to the warrior
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    Re: What is your main char?

    Warlocks the least play class? That sux, my main is a Warlock and always will be. I have a Resto Druid alt.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Shaman, because i can solo all outland dungeons with ease, as to my hunter. Also, i love the burst damage, and i somehow fell in love with thunderstorm, and when i started raiding, i outgeared my hunter, and decided, screw it. I also make tons of gold withe the power of a shaman. :c Soloing outland instances yield you tons of gold, from the greys to the random blues and even epics, hell, Netherweave is still selling as good as ever.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Hunters cause were OP and will always be OP =)

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Jeah my MM Hunter always fun with him and with 3.1 doing rly good again in raids
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