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  • Death Knight

    27 7.38%
  • Druid

    37 10.11%
  • Hunter

    29 7.92%
  • Paladin

    73 19.95%
  • Priest

    30 8.20%
  • Rogue

    24 6.56%
  • Shaman

    55 15.03%
  • Warlock

    17 4.64%
  • Warrior

    48 13.11%
  • Mage

    26 7.10%
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    Re: What is your main char?

    I spent about a week picking the race/class for my first character and I've stuck with the same character for four years. I have a ton of alts, but my warlock always comes first.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Played a pala in D2, so the natural choice when starting WoW was paladin. Me and my bro played on one togeather at the end of vanilla, and i really liked it.

    Then when BC came, I got my own acc and got me a Draenei paladin, still playing it and loving it. Prot pwns <3

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    Re: What is your main char?

    This question represents a conundrum i've had the last couple months, so excuse me for thinking out loud, since i really dont know the answer.

    I started playing about 6 months before BC.
    I didn't know what i wanted to play, so i rolled an orc warrior, and didn't like it, and he never made it past 20.

    But in the same week, i started 3x alliance toons. Hunter, Druid, and Lock.
    I wanted to experience raiding, when all 3 toons were in their mid-30's or so, and decided to pick one, so i could raid some before the expac, so settled on my hunter, who was my main from there til recently.

    He was my main throughout the end of pre-BC, and through BC, and has a ridiculous (read as sickening or disgusting) amount of time played. He made a ton of gold, so after i'd finished farming kara i went back to my druid, and had her twinked at 70 as an alt.

    Those two are now both 80, and i'm generally bored now.
    Have an 80 DK as well, and a 73 shadow priest, and my old lock is still sitting on lvl 51.

    Since 3.1 i havent even specced my DK or hunter, and am leveling a tauren druid (currently 50)
    I dont have any ambition for ulduar, and am suitably uninspired by it. Dailies all still go fine with a 0/0/0 spec anyway.

    I guess i dont really have a main, since i'm not sure who i really want to play, or in what context i want to play them.
    Maybe i just need to finish those toons off and roll a shammy.....
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    Re: What is your main char?

    Originally I had a mage in vanilla/ early TBC - never liked fire and had been frost all of the time in pve. Soon as T5 came about and frost lagged behind arcane and fire, I got bored (low mana efficiency/ low hp/ was bored to death), I rerolled a lock.

    Have been my warlock ever since, even though I raid mainly as feral dps now as my guild lacks melee. Warlocks imo are the best class ingame and I couldn't image anything else (although I love my druid a lot)

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Back when I first started playing WoW, about 2-3 months before BC came out, I tried a couple of classes on Alliance side.
    First one was a Rogue, I got her to about level 6 and then rerolled a Warrior. I enjoyed playing him for the first couple of levels but grew tired of him.
    After that I made a Priest and managed to get her to level 21 before rerolling a Mage on Horde side Sylvanas where my brother (who was playing on my account) rolled a Warrior.

    That Mage is my current main, having played her for almost 3 years now and never thought about rerolling. I don't know why I rolled a Mage. I guess it was fun for me, at that time, to watch the cast bar fill as I cast Fireballs.
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    Re: What is your main char?

    Druid,the first and always "the one"

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    Re: What is your main char?

    cmon, more ppl to vote! :O
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    Re: What is your main char?

    Arms Warrior atm

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    Re: What is your main char?

    My warrior was my first toon and is still my main, and has been prot for almost his whole life. got a feral/balance druid as my primary alt

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    Re: What is your main char?

    I started to play wow back in vanilla during the time Aq was released. First leveled a Hunter to about lvl 20 before getting fed up of the class. After messing about on a druid mage and a warrior i found the paladin class. The mechanics of the class suited me down to the ground. Thus i have played Paladin for a total of 217 days of my life. I have attempted other classes but overall the diversity of paladins with Healing, Melee and Tanking has provided a solid class which gives viability in my game play.
    One of the main influences on my choice of the class would have to be the Judgement set. Truely epic set.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    classic and tbc: rogue
    now: priest

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    Re: What is your main char?

    I would say my 80 mage but I've sadly hoped on the Pally bandwagon and have been loving all 43 glorious levels so far. I only raid on my Mage atm and I hope to get to 80 in a month or less.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Quote Originally Posted by Picklesrtasty

    And why the hell are 40% of people paladins, is this coincidence or is this the reason why all my 10 mans have 2-4 pallys and 25 mans have 5-7
    No coincidence at all. We just like to hangout in MMO Champions forum.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Play a Draenei Huntar. First char I made, not sure why I love playing her but I just enjoy the look and shots she uses.

    I also have a paladin which atm I play a lot on as he's my money maker, and ofc my huntar's the golddigga :P

    Both very fun classes to play.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    For around 2.5 years a priest was my main. I was holy in vanilla and shadow in TBC. I had no other max level toons until January of 2008 when I got a pally to 70. We did alt T4 raids and I tanked them and played ret for Isle dailies with the pally. Shortly thereafter I got a druid to 70 and played it as feral with very minimal raiding.

    Around this time last year I got my warrior to 70 and switched it to my main as fury. I loved dual-wielding and it was a nice change of pace after years of healing/casting with my priest. The warrior has been my main since but I pretty much split time b/t fury/prot. I've also gotten my paladin to 80 which I play as prot/ret and my druid to 80 as resto/kitty. I have a DK at 76 and my priest remains at 70 ;D

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Played hunt since vanilla, now i play a dk big change but i like it
    ^makes sigz k?

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    Re: What is your main char?

    US-Stress-Test: Hunter (first time playable)
    US-Open-Beta: Hunter
    EU-Open-Beta: Hunter
    Release: Hunter

    any questions?

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    Re: What is your main char?

    Vanilla - Paladin with mage alt
    BC - Mage with Paladin alt (two warlocks on the side: One horde one ally)
    Went through T4-T5 content with mage before guild needed holy pally thus, pally became main throughout T6 content.
    Wrath- Leveled My pally, cleared what was the current content, leveled mage then a DK, shortly after Retired.

    Still browsing forums looking for the time to come back. 8)
    For now, L4D and SRO are my passion until my *Burnt out on wow* phase is over.

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    Re: What is your main char?

    257 days 11 hours played time on my main, which is a feral furball. Its ALWAYS been feral, back in the times that MC was new and BWL didn't exist yet. I love nature, animals, and being a predatory cat! The looks of catform are what decided my faction side, I liked taurens more than Nelfys but like hell am I going round looking like a blind flycatcher.

    I've a few alts, but since LK came along I've drive to play on them really. Managed to get my shammie to 80. but my mage is untouched at 70, my hunter at 72, warlock at 49...and now my DK at 69! Everything but the DK is alliance, the DK being a male troll (jamaican Darth Vader mon!).

    I kinda server hopped alot before getting to this one (Argent Dawn), so my time on AD would amount to about 3/4 my total gaming time now!
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