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    Hi, use CCleaner. It points out any malicious codes injected in your browsers.
    I would advise against this. Too many users get a tool like CCleaner and use all of the options it comes with without entirely understanding what they are doing, which can result in more harm than good. If your after security for browsers run things like Adblock Plus, NoScript and so on.

    As I mentioned before, if you choose to do things like online banking, get a good antivirus which has a premium feature. Do not purchase, install or rely on mcafee or norton, they are trash filled with bloatware. To be even more secure get malwarebytes, and avoid sketchy websites.
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    I am excite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danial German View Post
    Hi, use CCleaner.
    The CCleaner ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Opasmer View Post
    The CCleaner ?
    I can't reiterate this enough - if you don't know what you are doing with a tool that can cause harm to the registry, DO NOT mess with it.
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    I am excite

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    A very fine information +1 from my side..

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    ADW Cleaner from Malwarebytes is the best for me. I deleted all the popup banners via this app.

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    In w10 you can reset just :]

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    Great thread
    Thanks for the tips

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    Seems Good! Saved it in bookmarks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaavis View Post
    I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this but i did a search for something harmless(not pr3n) that i can't remember, went to the site, then all of a sudden i get this fast text of some worm virus and what looked like an antivirus program detecting it(I only have AVG). It looked like it was coming from a 'My Computer' interface with it saying i had all of these trojans and it looked like they were all downloading themselves real fast. It asked me if i wanted to go to the site to download the anti-trojan/virus software, but i clicked no, and exited out of the window completely.

    I downloaded Malware Bytes and ran AVG Antivirus which didn't detect anything. Is this a scam? I couldn't tell if it came from my AVG detecting it, or if it was some internet scam. I'm leaning towards the latter, but what i don't get is if its a scam how can these guys get away with a fake worm screen then selling their supposed antivirus as a result?

    I hope this was clear but if not reply and i'll try and clear up any questions.
    it's a fact that if you are working on a computer on a daily basis then you need to install a suitable antivirus so that you can work in a clear way..

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    Holy pepperoni the necro of a 10 years old thread

    Wait no, it has been poping up every few months when i look at the dates, interesting.

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    No matter the topic, someone will find a way to redirect it to complain about their current aggro.
    Quote Originally Posted by Upayidance View Post
    what this man just said
    Imagine buying a authenticator when the phone app version is free, and they have stopped making authenticators

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    You can get by well enough with a modern browser, addblock and some common sense. I've been using this system for 3-4 years now, and it's squeaky clean. And I mean heavy use, including torrents and porn, you name it. I've jumped around with AVs in the past, always finding them lacking. Last one I've used was bit defender, since is seem to do all the "big boys" did, without being annoying. But about 2 years back it became slow and bloated, so I just uninstalled and never bothered to replace it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echeyakee View Post
    But about 2 years back it became slow and bloated, so I just uninstalled and never bothered to replace it.
    I did the same thing -- It has been uninstalled from my computer.

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    Great thread!!
    Thanks for the tips

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