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    SW:P & Penance cast macro help :(

    My current "stupid" macro:

    /castsequence [target=player] Power Word: Shield, Penance

    now it cast pw:s first and then just penance, and w8 pw:s debuff get off and cast again pw:s.

    How i could make it work better, that can cast penance to me always when cant cast pw:s.

    edit: topic failed ... PW:S

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    Re: SW:P & Penance cast macro help :(

    You can't. A macro cannot check for a debuff.

    Simply learn to press two buttons. It's not that hard.

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    Re: SW:P & Penance cast macro help :(

    You could use this

    /cast Power Word: Shield
    /cast Penance

    Because of the Debuff from Shield it will not be cast, therefore Penance will be. Simple.

    Although, I agree. Just learn two buttons.

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    Re: SW:P & Penance cast macro help :(

    That shouldn't work either.

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    Re: SW:P & Penance cast macro help :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    That shouldn't work either.
    The macro will work, it's simply how the system works. Because the first spell casted cannot be used on the target, Penance, the next spell, will be.

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    Re: SW:P & Penance cast macro help :(

    No, you get a error up as intended. Else you could just macro all your abilities into 1 button and constantly spam that.

    Not to mention it'll totally bug out in the period between PW:S being on cooldown (if you don't have Soul Warding, but everybody do these days), and the period Penance is on cooldown.

    Plus you'll not be able to see the cooldown on both on the action bar.

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    Re: SW:P & Penance cast macro help :(

    /cast Power Infusion
    /Cast Penance

    DOES work because PI doesn't invoke a GCD (IIRC).

    /cast some ability that would invoke a GCD if it could be casted
    /cast some other ability

    DOES NOT work because even if the first ability fails because of target restrictions or whatever, the second will still not because because of virtual GCD.
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