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    Re: Traumatized by elevators

    I used to lag and fall threw the UC elevators every time I tried to use them.
    I'd fall past Orc guards and end up falling threw a lake in desolace, iirc.
    Could never hearth/die either so I'd fall forever until a GM assisted me :/
    Can't even use a friend to q you for a BG anymore to get out of it D:

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    Re: Traumatized by elevators

    You think there going to do anything about elevators.................

    I think there are bigger concerns for blizzard atm :-\

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    Re: Traumatized by elevators

    Quote Originally Posted by Gevlad

    Forget C'thun, Arthas, and Illidan, and Kil'Jaden.

    Toughest bosses in the game:
    3: Pipe boss in naxx.
    2: Frogger.
    1: SSC elevator.

    The pipe, theres usually only one or 2 mishaps. Frogger, after a while people figure it out.
    The SSC elevator however is an anomaly. Even now, people still plummet to their deaths. Then get rezzed on the elevator and die again.
    ....always someone who thinks they can time their bubble just right. they never learn.

    To the OP: stay on the ground floor in real life. i see a pattern, and i fear for you.
    I've timed a bubble right every single time I've done SSC.
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    Re: Traumatized by elevators

    Elevator boss is srs bsns.
    I'm bitter by default. Don't take it personally.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
    Either give an argument, or be automatically wrong. Your choice.

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