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    Resiliance for priest

    ok so what is a good place to be in when it comes to resiliance? is 800 or so good enough? or do we need more then 800ish? What is the amount you want as a priest? Or just as much as possible? guess i'm asking at what point can we say "ok i got enough reslilance i can stop stacking it.

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    Re: Resiliance for priest

    I'm playing at 2250 atm in 2's, and i'm at 950 resill on the dot. It's good enough for my play style, but resill may depend on who you partner with... I could see not socketing for so much resill if i played with a ret pally.

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    Re: Resiliance for priest

    wow 950...well as of now i'm with a rogue well with two rogues in my 2v2 team, and on my 3v3 team i have two rogues(same two) and a hunter. I was just hopeing that 800 or so resill would be good enough and that i wouldnt have to go more. As of now i'm at 482 resill...its a hard climb to get more, but my goal is to at least settle at 800 or so, some where in the 800's.

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    Re: Resiliance for priest

    Am at 975 resilience unbuffed atm, kinda rocks Full Hateful and 4 Deadly pieces. Shoulder- / Headenchant are Stam/Res, Chest: Resilience, Legs are Spellpower/Stam, aswell as Stam on Gloves. Close to 21k health unbuffed. I would go for as much stam and resilience as you can get, especially with 2 rogues in your team, they just see you at the beginning Being at 800 res is good, you can also go for some int/sp in that stage to compensate +heal/mana issues but i'd rather go for res. The enemy will most likely focus you first, and having lots of resilience/stamina paired with PainSuppression / Power Infusion and a shield keeps em busy for a good amount of time, if they don't even leave you alone and focus your partner when unstealthed.

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