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    Empowered Healing Mechanics

    I was wondering if anyone knew for sure one way or the other on this. Empowered Healing reads, your Greater Heal spell gains an additional 40% of your bonus healing effects. Now, does this mean that you just take 40% of your spell power and that gets added onto your GHeal or is it upping the spell coefficient by 40%. It sounds like it could go either way and I've seen it stated that it works both of these ways around the net. I've seen posts on Elitist Jerks that say just take 40% of your spell power and add that to GHeal and I've seen places say it takes 40% of the spells coefficient (which determines the bonus healing effect really) and add that to the coefficient (which is the way I think it works).

    I found this on wowwiki on the spell coefficient page.
    Binding Heal        80.68%  (90.68% with Empowered Healing)
    Flash Heal          80.68%  (90.68% with Empowered Healing)
    Greater Heal        161.35%  (181.35% with Empowered Healing)

    It's showing the spell coefficient go up by 10% for the spells that get 20% more of your bonus healing effects and the spell coefficient go up by 20% for GHeal which gains 40% of your bonus healing effects. Can anyone tell me how they got to that and what they were thinking with that? I don't think this is the way it works.

    And I found this in the WOTLK Healing Compendium v3.1 thread on Elitist Jerks
    Binding Heal        80.57%      96.68%
    Flash Heal          80.57%      96.68%
    Greater Heal       161.11%     225.6%

    These numbers were found by the way I think it actually works, by taking 20% and 40% respectively from the coefficients and adding them to it to create a higher coefficient. This is the way I think it works.

    Not sure if I'm just missing something, or being a noob, or maybe I just done and got stupid recently...but if anyone has a clear cut answer I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Empowered Healing Mechanics

    Since 3.0, empowered talents are multiplied with your coefficient.

    Basically, assuming 5/5 Empowered Healing:
    Greater heal with its 161.35% coefficient gets multiplied by 1.4 (aka +40%) and you get a new coefficient of 225.89%.


    The formula for spell output these days is:

    output = (base + (spellpower * coefficient)) * multipliers
    Assuming 2200 spellpower and a base GHeal of 3950-4590 (avg 4270), and a 10% bonus from spiritual healing:

    average gheal = (4270 + (2200 * 2.2589) * 1.1 = 10164
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